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Orion Racing join MOD70 Class

Posted on 21 February 2013 by Valencia Sailing

[Source: MOD70 Class] Multi One Design (MOD) announced today that US-based Orion Racing has purchased MOD nr.02. “MOD is delighted to welcome an American boat-owner as it increases the number of nationalities in the circuit”, said Marco Simeoni, President of Multi One Design. “Orion will bring a new dynamic to the development of the circuit and promote the MOD70 series in the American Market.”

Cam Lewis, one of the top American multihull sailors and longtime and ambassador for multihull sailing in the US, is a principal in the formation of the Orion Racing team. Cam Lewis is regarded as one of the top multihull sailors in the US having won the 1988 America’s Cup on the Wing Powered Stars and Stripes and skippered the Maxi-catamaran Team Adventure in The Race in 2000. “This is a great opportunity for sailing in the United States,” Lewis said. “The MOD 70 trimarans are at the cutting edge of the sport. They are purpose designed and built for close inshore racing as well as transoceanic racing. The conditions for racing the MOD70 between California, Hawaii and Mexico are incredible. I can’t wait to show American sailors how fantastic and fast these amazing machines are.”

With 2013 being a transition year for the MOD70 circuit, Orion Racing will be training in the Pacific to fully discover this latest generation of racing multihull. The boat and team will set up a training camp in Puerto Vallarta Mexico in May then move to San Francisco for the summer and fall season. Orion Racing Team preliminary race planning for 2014-2015 includes the MOD70 circuit and the Krys Ocean Race (from Brest to New York).

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Eight teams, five nations at the Gaastra 52 World Championships

Posted on 21 February 2013 by Valencia Sailing

[Source: 52 Super Series] The championships, which return to the Miami for the first time since 2006, are being supported by headline sponsors Gaastra who also enter their own Dutch All-Stars team lead by Gaastra’s Marc Blees.

Entries are confirmed from the USA, Sweden, Great Britain, Holland and Italy and include two teams which have won the world title in the past. As was required at the 52 World Championships till 2007 all boats are for 2013 owner steered.

Defending world champions are Doug deVos’ Quantum Racing, who actually won the title in Porto Cervo, Italy in 2011. The American team have prevailed at three of the last four world championship showdowns, winning in 2008, 2010 and 2011.

The only other team which has won the world title in the past which will line up in Miami is Alberto Roemmers’ Azzurra, which won as Matador in Palma, Mallorca in 2009. Azzurra hold the initiative this season already after having already won the first 52 SUPER SERIES regatta, Quantum Key West 2013.

“We are happy with the entries for the Gaastra 52 World Championships. On the one hand it completely satisfies all the criteria for a world championships including representing two continents and five countries, but also the standard of the teams is very high across the board.” Says Rob Weiland, the 52 Class Manager. Having Gaastra join the championships as sponsor is great news, according to Weiland:

“Gaastra and Gaastra Pro have been involved with the TP52 Class in one way or the other since 2008. As the Official clothing sponsor of the class and its world championships, as clothing sponsor of individual teams and now as official clothing sponsor of the 52 Super Series, co-sponsor of the 52 Worlds, as well as an actual participant at the Gaastra 52 Worlds.” Continues Weiland, “This is based on the owner of Gaastra Pro, Marc Blees, a keen sailor himself and a big fan of the TP52 and the 52 Super Series, being attracted by proper racing combined with good social scene onshore as well as the possible synergies between the high profile status of both brands.”

Typical wind conditions for March on the Miami coast are anywhere between 10 and 20kts, usually with relatively flat water but peppered with some strong localised currents. The plan is to run racing on at least two days in front of South Beach, in front of the cityscape which should allow some exciting images to be captured. Racing runs from Tuesday 5th March through to Saturday 9th March with windward-leeward racing scheduled each day.

“We are very happy to be able to support the Gaastra 2 World Championship as a sponsor but it is an event which we would just not miss as fans and sailors. We love the class, the excitement and the racing and so we have taken the chance to come along and race as well.” Explains Gaastra Pro’s Marc Blees.

The Gaastra 52 World Championships will be run alongside the HPR Midwinter Championship for HPR 40 footers.

Quantum Racing (USA) Doug DeVos (USA)
Rán (SWE), Niklas Zennström (SWE)
Azzurra (ITA), Alberto Roemmers Jr (ARG)
Gladiator (GBR), Tony Langley (GBR)
Gaastra Pro (NED), March Blees (NED)
Interlodge (USA) Austin and Gwen Fragomen (USA)
Rio (USA) Manouch Moshayedi (USA)
Vesper (USA) Jim Swartz (USA)

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Team SCA starts training with second group of candidates

Posted on 19 February 2013 by Valencia Sailing

[Source: Team SCA] A second group of trial candidates for Team SCA, the all-female team in the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15, has arrived in Puerto Calero, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain.

Alicia Ageno (ESP), Sally Barkow (USA), Karin Berg (SWE), Sophie Ciszek (AUS), Robin Hilton (CAN), Justine Metraux (SUI) and Jessica Sweeney (AUS) all arrived at the team’s base over the weekend to begin a ten-day training program.

The group will be taken through their paces under the watchful eyes of Team SCA coaches Magnus Olsson, Brad Jackson, Joca Signorini, Casey Smith and Martin Stromberg, who have been impressed with the quality of the candidates so far.

“We had a good trip down here from the UK with the first group of candidates and the attitude and sailing skills have been high. From a team perspective, although it is early days, the structure, people and strategy that we have put in place seem to be working well,” commented Joca Signorini.

After two days of medical tests, fitness assessments and an introduction to the team’s VO70 training boat, the group will then start a sailing program to give the candidates as wide an experience as possible.

This squad is due to leave Lanzarote at the end of February.

The crew candidates, from left to right: Sophie Ciszek, Jessica Jessica, Robin Hilton, Sally Barkow, Karin Berg, Alicia Ageno and Justine Metraux. Photo copyright James Mitchell

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Nespresso: Ten years giving flavor to high-level sailing

Posted on 19 February 2013 by Valencia Sailing

Nespresso is about to celebrate ten years of sponsoring the America’s Cup. We catch up with Stéphane Detaille, International Sponsorship Manager, to discuss what drives the Swiss coffee producer to invest in the sport of sailing and the America’s Cup. As his title implies, Detaille is in charge of sponsorship for the Swiss coffee producer at their headquarters and handled the discussions with America’s Cup Event Authority and Emirates Team New Zealand.

VSail.info: Let’s start with some background on Nespresso and sailing. Since when is your company involved with this sport?
Stéphane Detaille: We are shortly going to celebrate ten years of partnership with the America’s Cup because we began in 2003 by sponsoring Team Alinghi. Shortly after that, we became the Official Coffee of the 32nd America’s Cup. We also created a proprietary event called “Nespresso Cup”, organized in Portofino, that was the only 100% Wally event. We also decided to support Emirates Team New Zealand and then, a few weeks ago, we became the Official Coffee of the 34th America’s Cup. Given our wish to focus our energy on the America’s Cup, we decided to put the Nespresso Cup on hold. As I said, Nespresso has been supporting sailing for ten years.

VSail.info: Why did you choose the sport of sailing in general and the America’s Cup in particular? What does Nespresso seek to achieve through the America’s Cup?
Stéphane Detaille: I think there are two different things. One is the America’s Cup and the other is Emirates Team New Zealand, even if they are strongly linked. The way we select our properties in sponsoring, is to opt for what we call the “ultimate events”. This is why we selected the America’s Cup in the world of sailing, this is why we are supporting the Cannes Film Festival or the Ryder Cup in Europe in the sport of golf. We select the property that in our view represents the ultimate in its environment. In sailing, quite naturally, the America’s Cup was an obvious option. It’s also true that at time, in 2003, the option came because of the participation of Team Alinghi which in turn helped in the selection of the event itself. However, very clearly, the America’s Cup corresponds to our criteria of selecting what we thing to be the best event in its territory.

VSail.info: Is the deal you have with the 34th America’s Cup in San Francisco similar to the one you had with the 32nd edition in Valencia? Are there any aspects that have changed?
Stéphane Detaille: In general it will be quite similar. We are again the Official Coffee, which means we will be the only coffee served in the venue during the event. We will have Nespresso bars, we will, obviously be present in the hospitality areas and this will give us a certain number of activation capabilities, associated with the event. There is nothing different in that aspect but I think that what is unique is the combination with Emirates Team New Zealand where we are closely working with them, especially in what they have in terms of team spirit, the values they carry, the respect, the trust they have for their people within the team. In parallel we have the event where we will have the possibility to showcase our products and associate ourselves with the prestige and heritage of the event. It is also an important step forward in our US presence because the fact the America’s Cup is held in California is an important point for us.

Our partnership will start in April at the America’s Cup World Series regatta in Naples. Our people in Italy will be working closely with us. We will also be working closely with Francesco De Angelis, a sailor who has been very involved with the America’s Cup and who has been collaborating with us on the America’s Cup since last year. We will be active in Naples, serving Nespresso in a key area of coffee culture.

VSail.info: I am not sure to what point you can answer that question but are the financial aspects of your deal in San Francisco similar to the ones you had in Valencia?
Stéphane Detaille: It’s not something I would like to comment on but I would say that the environment and the event in itself have changed significantly. The rights and the approach we have are quite similar but I’m not able to discuss the financial side. As you know, sponsorship deals are very often confidential.

VSail.info: Is your involvement with the event bigger than your involvement with Emirates Team New Zealand?
Stéphane Detaille: They are two very different things to be honest. With Team New Zealand we have an access to the team, the possibility to develop some content, the visibility on the boat, which is very important to us, and the New Zealand market is also important for us. On the one hand we have the access to the team, the association with the team and the presence of the brand while on the other hand it’s really about showcasing the product, bringing it to the consumer and of course associating ourselves with the America’s Cup brand. It’s obviously in the same environment but we have two different targets for two different properties.

I would like to make a special mention to Emirates Team New Zealand. They are powered by a fantastic culture and this culture behind the entire team works well with Nespresso. The commitment and spirit they have are quite unique and when you have the opportunity to see it from inside it’s impressive. I was talking about respect, trust and team spirit and I think I have never seen anything as powerful as that team culture and spirit.

VSail.info: Given the fact you will shortly celebrate ten years of involvement with the America’s Cup I suppose Nespresso is satisfied with the return on its investment in the event.
Stéphane Detaille: There is one thing we are quite happy with, that is to be associated with certain values. The America’s Cup is an event that reflects innovation, passion, excellence, prestige and these are linked with our brand. I think the experience our brand had in Valencia with the 32nd America’s Cup was very good, it allowed us to have multi-faceted experiences around the brand and Team Alinghi before that was also a great experience. I think the 34th America’s Cup in San Francisco will be quite unique, the location is absolutely unique and we are quite confident this will help us to increase our position in that market.

VSail.info: This time, America’s Cup organizers are striving to convey a less exclusive, less elitist image for the event and their CEO has even stated it would be closer to “NASCAR on the water”. Is that something that affects your brand?
Stéphane Detaille: I think that if you look back you’ll see that even in the 32nd America’s Cup organizers were trying to open it up to a larger public. I think there is a number of great breakthroughs in terms of TV production and for us this is interesting and that doesn’t change the exclusivity of the experience. I think it’s the way the brand negotiate the activation and the way the brand activates the hospitality or the experience with the public. It’s not only about the event, it’s also about the sponsor’s brand. In my opinion, and you could also discuss this with Louis Vuitton who are in this since 1983, what is important is the way you create your environment and at the end of the day, the America’s Cup will always be the America’s Cup.

VSail.info: How important is sailing or the America’s Cup for your brand? Do people drink more Nespresso coffee because of your association with the America’s Cup or because they watched the funny commercials with George Clooney?
Stéphane Detaille: That’s a good question but I would say it’s a combination. For sure, Nespresso is supporting an event like the 34th America’s Cup to build on its values but also to help Nespresso win in the market. We hope the event will allow us to increase our presence in the US. One thing for sure is that all the America’s Cup fans and public will be able to have a Nespresso experience.

VSail.info: Another very big event in the sport of sailing that, in my opinion, could share some of the values you mentioned is the Volvo Ocean Race. Is that something Nespresso has looked at?
Stéphane Detaille: For sure, if you talk about ultimate events in offshore racing, I would say that clearly the Volvo Ocean Race is a key one, as is the Vendée Globe. As you saw, the finish of the Vendée Globe was truly amazing but both of them are offshore races. A decision has been taken for us to focus on inshore races and the America’s Cup was a clear choice. It’s a question of positioning and for the moment it is corresponding to the way we see sponsoring but if we had to choose an offshore race, for sure the Volvo Ocean Race would be a good one. However, that’s not the case for the moment.

VSail.info: Is Nespresso also looking at sponsoring other, more popular and mainstream sports?
Stéphane Detaille: For the moment, at an international level, we are focusing on sailing and golf. Golf is not seen as a mainstream sport but depending on the market you can have a different positioning. We are actively sponsoring the golf environment and especially the Ryder Cup that is held every four years in Europe. For the moment we are not active in other sports because we think that sailing and golf correspond perfectly to our brand.

Emirates Team New Zealand’s AC72 flying over the water. Auckland, 15 February 2013. Photo copyright Chris Cameron / Emirates Team New Zealand

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Chris Draper to helm Luna Rossa AC72 in Louis Vuitton Cup, Francesco Bruni to call tactics

Posted on 19 February 2013 by Valencia Sailing

[Source: Luna Rossa] Team Luna Rossa’s preparation and training for the 34th America’s Cup is still ongoing in Auckland, New Zeland.

Some important decisions have been made in the last few days on the afterguard of the AC72 Luna Ross catamaran, who will be participating in the Louis Vuitton Cup – America’s Cup Challenger Series – in San Francisco, CA, starting from July 6th.

Chris Draper has been chosen as helmsman and Francesco Bruni will be the tactician, although he will still helm the AC45 Luna Rossa Swordfish catamaran during the upcoming ACWS event in Naples.

Luna Rossa skipper Max Sirena declared: “In all America’s Cup challenges you reach the point when this decision needs to be made. During these months Chris Draper has proved to be the best candidate to cover this role and I am convinced that his partnership with Francesco Bruni as a tactician will be one of our strengths. We may, for some races, decide to adopt a format in which Francesco Bruni will steer the boat in the pre-start, but this is a call that we will make from time to time, depending on the circumstances”.

Chris Draper will helm the AC72 yacht while Francesco Bruni will be calling tactics. Photo copyright Luna Rossa

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Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15: State of affairs 18 months before the start

Posted on 18 February 2013 by Valencia Sailing

Now that the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race route is getting more defined and three official entries have been made public, we take a look at the state of affairs of the premiere round-the-world sailing race. Parts of the following information have already been divulged while the remaining are based on sources that are deemed to be very reliable.

Route – Stopovers
A little bit over a month ago, we published what we thought was going to be the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race route. In general lines our sources were very accurate even if we missed the first Brazilian stopover, it turned out to be Recife instead of Rio as we speculated, and got the Chinese stopover wrong as well. The VO65 fleet will not visit Hong Kong as our sources were claiming but instead Sanya, something that will be officially announced in a few weeks.

The race will start in Alicante, head to Recife in Brazil and from there to Abu Dhabi. This part of the route has been officially announced but what is still unknown is how race organizers will tackle the issue of piracy off the east African coasts and the delicate issue of sailing through the Strait of Hormuz. In the previous race, the fleet stopped at the Maldives, the VO70’s were loaded onto a cargo ship and transported to the northern UAE coast from where they sprinted to Abu Dhabi.

It seems that this time the preferred solution to that issue will be sailing to an Indian port, probably Mumbai, hence our call for an Indian stopover. If that occurs it will not be a full-fledged stopover but more of a technical stop. It appears that scoring will only apply from Recife to the Indian port. From there on, teams could have the liberty to sail to the UAE but will not score any points towards the overall race. Racing will resume, similar to 2011-12, at a certain point off the northern Emirati coast and the fleet will then sprint to Abu Dhabi. The same scheme, but in reverse order, will apply on the leg from Abu Dhabi to Sanya. Again, this is a possible, plausible scenario, according to our “spies” in Alicante, but it seems no definite decision has been taken yet.

Once the VO65’s sail off the Chinese city they will go to Auckland, then Itajaì and on to Newport, their final stopover before sailing to Europe. The first stop could be again in Lisbon but that will depend on the city council that is voting this week whether to fund another event or not. Volvo Ocean Race organizers would rather have a European stopover with a local team but that seems highly improbable with the exception of Rotterdam. The French port of Lorient had signed for two editions, so it could be the first European stopover. However, the only fact that has been officially published, in regards to Europe, is that the race will finish in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Team SCA is, so far, the only active entry of the the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race. Photo copyright Rick Tomlinson / Team SCA


1. Team SCA: The all-female team, sponsored by Sweden-based forest products multinational group, was the first official entry of the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race. The team, headed by Richard Brisius, was officially presented on August 21st, 2012, and is currently holding its crew selection trials in their training base in Puerto Calero, Lanzarote.

2. Team Recife: The Brazilian team was the second official entry and was presented on January 17th, 2013. Very little is known about the team or its crew, other than it is backed by the city of Recife and the state of Pernambuco.

3. Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing: The capital of the United Arab Emirates returns to the Volvo Ocean Race with a stopover and a team, skippered, once again, by British Olympic medallist Ian Walker. The entry was presented earlier today.

4. Alinghi: The two-time America’s Cup winners haven’t made their entry official yet but everything points to an official presentation in Geneva on March 2nd, a symbolic date that will mark the tenth anniversary of their first America’s Cup victory. On that date, Alinghi, skippered by Russell Coutts, scored their fifth and final win against Team New Zealand and claimed the America’s Cup. We have little information on Alinghi’s crew for the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race other than the fact that Brad Butterworth will be the skipper.

5. Ambersail / Lithuanian-Baltic Team: A Lithuanian-Baltic project, Ambersail, is said to have acquired the first VO65 boat. Ambersail is headed by Lithuanian skipper Simonas Steponavicius and currently owns the former Assa Abloy Volvo 60. According to various sources within the race and the teams, it seems Ambersail had the necessary budget to purchase the boat but not to run the project.

6. Team Campos / MAPFRE: Despite his initial criticism of the one-design VO65, Pedro Campos is eager to enter. Telefonica will not continue its sponsorship and his team is now called Team Campos / MAPFRE. It appears MAPFRE (a Spanish insurance group) will provide, at least, part of the necessary funding. The team is currently trying to break the Discovery Route record, with their rebranded VO70.

7. Dutch Team: This is probably one of the strongest and most plausible efforts, led by Team Heiner sailing events organization together with Dutch VOR veterans Gerd-Jan Poortman and Bouwe Bekking. They are aiming at a reasonable budget of 16 million euros but the tough European situation will surely not be in their favor.

8. Chinese Team: There is strong appetite for a Chinese entry and there are good indications it could become a reality but this time in the form of a real Chinese team, not just a foreign-led project with the usual one-two Chinese sailors to justify its name.

9. Indian Team: An Indian entry is also rumored to be planned but we don’t have any further information.

10. South African Team: There is talk of a serious effort to build a South African team, based out of Cape Town but it is difficult to see how they could get any local corporate funding with the absence of a South African stopover in this, and probably the next, edition of the race.

If you are a regular reader of our website and haven’t been stricken by lightning that resulted in total memory loss, you must be aware that for the very fist time, the Volvo Ocean Race will be sailed on one-design yachts, VO65’s, that are being built by a consortium of boatyards, commissioned by race organizers. As a result, teams are no longer involved in the design and construction of their yachts and have to buy them from Green Marine.

The hull of the very first VO65 was recently finished and the entire yacht is scheduled to be launched next July. Subsequent yachts are scheduled to be delivered with a frequency of one each 8 weeks.

VO65 Boat #1: As we stated earlier, the first boat has been, allegedly, purchased by Ambersail. This could be an awkward situation if the project is unable to find the necessary funding to continue.
VO65 Boat #2: Team SCA is said to have the right to this yacht
VO65 Boat #3: Team Recife is said to have the right to this yacht
VO65 Boats #4 & #5: According to an insider in Alicante there seems to be a rivalry concerning the delivery of Boat #4, in view of an alleged delay in boat deliveries after the fourth one. Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing and Alinghi are apparently vying for Boat #4 as it could mean an advantage of various months! However, it seems that the first to write the check and transfer the close to 5 million euros will get the rights to Boat #4.

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Abu Dhabi back in Volvo Ocean Race with team and stopover on exciting new route

Posted on 18 February 2013 by Valencia Sailing

[Source: Volvo Ocean Race] Monday’s double announcement gives the race a third confirmed team for 2014-15 more than 18 months before the start and sets up a massive challenge for the sailors on Leg 2, with the route from Recife in Brazil to Abu Dhabi set to take the teams and their brand new Volvo Ocean 65 racing yachts deep into the Southern Ocean.

Abu Dhabi staged a groundbreaking stopover during the last race – its first in the Middle East. The 2011-12 Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing team, skippered by Walker, was also the first Arabian team to contest the race.

“Abu Dhabi presented a truly original and massively appealing stopover during the last edition, with its own unique feel, and this announcement will only strengthen the legacy of the Race in the city and the country,” said Volvo Ocean Race CEO Knut Frostad.

“The leg from Recife to Abu Dhabi will be one of the longest and most challenging in the 40-year history of this race. Heading into the Southern Ocean is never easy and this route will test the sailors to the limit. The finish line in Abu Dhabi will be one of the most eagerly awaited in the race.

Abu Dhabi returns to the Volvo Ocean Race with a stopover and a boat. Alicante, 5 November 2011. Photo copyright Pierre Orphanidis / www.vsail.info

Abu Dhabi will be the third Host Port along the route after the start in Alicante and the Leg 1 finish line in Recife, in the state of Pernambuco in northeast Brazil. The other two teams so far declared are the all-women’s Team SCA and a Brazilian boat.

Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing scored some notable successes under Walker, including an emotional victory coming into Lisbon on the transatlantic leg from Miami and three in-port race wins, including one on home waters in Abu Dhabi.

“Ian has been a terrific ambassador both for Abu Dhabi and the Volvo Ocean Race and this announcement marks the beginning of a new chapter for sailing in the United Arab Emirates,” Frostad added.

Over 120,000 people visited the Abu Dhabi stopover, which provided an experience fully in keeping with its deep-rooted maritime history.

“Our involvement with the Volvo Ocean Race captured the imagination of our people, who have strong maritime heritage links,” said His Excellency Sheikh Sultan Bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan, Chairman, Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi).

“The legacy of the last race is an increase in the breadth of sailing and watersport facilities available, which is something we will build on over this second outing.”

During the last edition, the problem of piracy in the Indian Ocean meant the boats had to be shipped part of the way from Cape Town in South Africa. For 2014-15, organisers are looking at a number of options to ensure the sailors are not exposed to undue risk, based on the experience in the last race and the continuous monitoring of the changing piracy situation in the Indian Ocean.

“There is a long way to go before the race so we cannot rule anything out but at the moment we are confident that the boats could sail the entire route,” said Frostad.

“What we do know for sure is that the Southern Ocean will be a real hazard, and we’re already looking at ice exclusion zones to protect the fleet.”

Abu Dhabi is the seventh Host Port to be announced on the route for the 12th edition of the Volvo Ocean Race, which began life as the Whitbread Round the World Race in 1973 and is established as offshore sailing’s greatest challenge.

The race will start in Alicante in Spain before visiting Recife and going on to Abu Dhabi. Later in the route, the teams will race from Auckland in New Zealand to Itajaí – a second Brazilian stop – before heading to Newport, Rhode Island in the United States.

The Race will finish in Gothenburg, Sweden, with the remaining ports to be unveiled over the coming weeks before a final announcement including leg distances and timings.

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Red Bull Youth America’s Cup Selection Series Final Day

Posted on 18 February 2013 by Valencia Sailing

Red Bull Youth America’s Cup Selection Series Final Day

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