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Quantum Racing doubles overall lead

Posted on 18 September 2014 by Ivan Bidzilya

[Source: 52 Super Seriers] As the ZENITH Royal Cup Marina Ibiza regatta rolls into Friday’s coastal race Quantum Racing have now more than doubled their overall lead in the Barclays 52 Super Series on the difficult, hard to read race tracks off Ibiza Town. 

Light winds wrote the same story again for the second day of racing. Azzurra won the first race of the day to become the fourth different crew to have won in Ibiza at this regatta, but Quantum Racing again proved supreme in the second contest, winning their second race of the week to also increase their leading margin in the regatta, firmly on course now to add to their event wins in Porto Cervo and Palma. 

Quantum Racing’s skipper-helm Ed Baird reported today just how hard it is to read the wind on the race course area, an insight into the difficulties faced by all the tacticians and strategists here: ‘It is difficult to read on the water. On most venues around the world you can see a little more texture on the water which tells you there is more wind there. Here where we see that texture it is often right in the glare of the sun. So you can’t trust it. And there are plenty of times that where it looks lighter is actually where you end up finding the better pressure. It is hot. It is light. You really just need to pay attention to what lane you are in.’ 

Making the right tactical choices is just one element of the mix here, in the marginal, light winds being able to keep the boat powered up and moving at maximum boat speed for the wind strength is also key: 

‘We are right on that point that every sailor understands, that cliff where half a knot more windspeed you are fully hiking, dropping the traveller down just a little bit and starting to be really comfortable. Half a knot less you are leaning in, you are looking for power and trying to keep the boat moving and that is what we are sailing in all day long here. It is challenging and the guys are doing a great job with that.’ 

Quantum Racing’s second and first today is the best scoring aggregate from the two races. But Sled are proving themselves well able to mix it with Azzurra and Rán Racing, posting a third and fourth for the day to lie third overall for the regatta, just one point behind Azzurra. 

Azzurra won the first race of the day. Quantum Racing dropped themselves on to the back foot off the start line when they mistimed their approach to the line, stuck under another boat and downspeed. Terry Hutchinson and the Quantum Racing afterguard fought back well with some solid calls which got them from fourth at the first windward mark to second at the finish. They sailed down inside Sled on the second run to finish just behind Azzurra. Vasco Vascotto recognised the better, lifting pressure on the right side of the first upwind and they were able to lead all the way around the course. 

The second contest was sailed in a slightly brisker wind, but it was the extra pressure and shift down the left, inshore side down the run which really worked. Quantum Racing consolidated their lead by keeping an eye on this and moving left to use it, but Gaastra Pro, with Mark Mendelblatt calling tactics, really reaped a reward rising from sixth to second on the run, holding on the second while Rán Racing and Azzurra dropped to a weighty fifth and sixth place finish respectively. 

Light winds are expected to prevail again for Friday’s coastal race which should be between 20 and 30 miles. 

Standings: ZENITH Royal Cup Marina Ibiza

Overall after five races 

1. Quantum Racing, USA, (Doug De Vos USA) (1,2,3,2,1) 9pts 
2. Azzurra, ITA, (Alberto Roemmers ARG) (3,5,2,1,6) 17pts 
3. Sled, USA, (Takashi Okura JPN) (4,1,6,3,4) 18pts 
4. Rán Racing, SWE, (Niklas Zennström SWE) (2,4,4,4,5) 19pts 
5. Gaastra Pro, NED (Marc Blees NED) (6,6,1,8,2) 23pts 
6. Gladiator, GBR, (Tony Langley GBR) (5,7,8,5,3) 28pts 
7. Provezza 7, TUR, (Ergin Imre TUR) (7,3,7,6,7) 30pts 
8. Phoenix, BRA, (Eduardo de Souza Ramos BRA) (8,8,5,7,8) 36pts 

Standings: 2014 Barclays 52 Super Series

2014 Season after three regattas and five races in Ibiza (Top Six) 

1. Quantum Racing, USA, (Doug De Vos USA) 67pts 
2. Rán Racing, SWE, (Niklas Zennström SWE) 85pts 
3. Azzurra, ITA, (Alberto Roemmers ARG) 87pts 
4. Phoenix, BRA, (Eduardo de Souza Ramos BRA) 113pts 
5. Gladiator, GBR, (Tony Langley GBR) 130pts 
6. Provezza 7, TUR, (Ergin Imre TUR) 160pts 

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Steady Quantum Edge Closer to 2014 title

Posted on 18 September 2014 by Ivan Bidzilya

[Source: 52 Super Series] Steady consistency across the opening three races of the ZENITH Royal Cup MARINA IBIZA sees Quantum Racing ahead of target as they seek to close out their second overall BARCLAYS 52 SUPER SERIES title.

The series leaders scored a 1,2,3 in Ibiza’s light and shifty conditions on a race course area which is laden with very subtle changes in wind direction and pressure. While the crew which is skippered by Ed Baird would definitely like to finish their 2014 season with a third regatta win, that would be the icing on the cake. Their primary goal is simply protecting their overall points cushion – or increasing it – over nearest rivals Azzurra and Rán Racing.

Counting down to Sunday’s prizegiving, purely from that standpoint today was valuable to Quantum Racing. It was only in Race 3 today that they were beaten only once by Azzurra when the Italian flagged team took second behind Gaastra Pro, otherwise their title challengers were increasing their deficit.

Meantime three different crews won races today including race victories for the two teams which are new to the BARCLAYS 52 SUPER SERIES, Takashi Okura’s Sled – which was flown to Europe for this one regatta only – and Marc Blees all star cast on Gaastra Pro. Winds were light and shifty, small changes in pressure and direction proving important to read.

Quantum Racing were on their game, reading the small differences well and staying in step with these changes. And it was as much about their ability to go forwards in the fleet, returning three podium finishes from three starts which will be key this week. Quantum Racing’s tactician was as pleased to have rescued a third from the third race when he felt at one point they were last, as he was with their opening race win:

To get a third out of that was good because there was a time when we were probably last.
That first race we had a plan, executed it and it worked it. In the second race same thing. In the third race we got the start we wanted, we had a discussion about being one more boat up but in these lighter conditions being leeward boat is such an advantage, you get something for it.
It was a little bit of swings and roundabouts.

Hutchinson recalled.

So with their 1,2,3 Quantum Racing lead the ZENITH Royal Cup MARINA IBIZA by four points ahead of Azzurra and Rán Racing.

Quantum Racing won the first race off the start line. They got the start they wanted with the best pace coming away from the gun. Rán Racing did not have the best of starts and went right and were more or less overlapped with Quantum Racing as they rounded the first turn. Downwind Rán Racing got through and lead Quantum Racing through the gate. But Terry Hutchinson read a right hand shift coming in and they jumped back ahead to lead Rán Racing through the finish with Azzurra in third.

With slightly more breeze at the second start Quantum Racing were away cleanly again while Phoenix started early and struggled to get back and re-cross. Azzurra were judged to have fouled Gaastra Pro in a close, early port starboard cross and they had to take a penalty.
Down the first run Sled worked the offshore line and were rewarded with an increase in wind pressure as they closed to the leeward gate, able to ease around Quantum Racing to earn a small lead which they held to the finish.

The wind was fading more by the late afternoon for Race 3 as Gaastra Pro’s tactician Mark Mendelblatt guided them out to make a big gain offshore, arriving at the first windward mark with a good lead over Azzurra. Quantum Racing managed to wriggle up to third which they held to the finish while Rán Racing stole fourth from Phoenix right on the finish line to ensure they finish the day on the same points aggregate as Azzurra.

Standings: ZENITH Royal Cup Marina Ibiza
Overall after 3 races

Quantum Racing, USA, (Doug De Vos USA) (1,2,3) 6pts

Azzurra, ITA, (Alberto Roemmers ARG) (3,5,2) 10pts

Rán Racing, SWE, (Niklas Zennström SWE) (2,4,4) 10pts

Sled, USA, (Takachi Okura JPN) (4,1,6) 11pts

Gaastra Pro, NED (Marc Blees NED) (6,6,1) 13pts

Provezza 7, TUR, (Ergin Imre TUR) (7,3,7) 17pts

Gladiator, GBR, (Tony Langley GBR) (5,7,8) 20pts

Phoenix, BRA, (Eduardo de Souza Ramos BRA) (8,8,5) 21pts

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Ray’s Return: ETNZ’s Davies Back to the TP52 on Gladiator in Ibiza

Posted on 16 September 2014 by Ivan Bidzilya

[Source: Barclay's 52 Super Series] Rán Racing won the official practice race today off Ibiza, the final preparation before the start of the ZENITH Royal Cup Marina Ibiza, the finale to the BARCLAYS 52 SUPER SERIES.

In gentle breezes Niklas Zennström’s team made the best of the shifts early in the race and we able to keep a loose cover on Azzurra and Quantum Racing to cross the finish line first after a preliminary contest which surely gives an insight into what racing conditions are expected to be light.
Racing starts in earnest Wednesday when the capricious weak winds are due to continue ahead of potentially an even lighter day Thursday.

ZENITH Royal Cup Marina Ibiza Official practice 16 Sept. Credit: Nico Martinez

ZENITH Royal Cup Marina Ibiza Official practice 16 Sept. Credit: Nico Martinez

Running simultaneously with the Olympic Classes ISAF Sailing World Championships in Santander in the north of Spain, there are several key crew changes, some as a result of the clash.
Indeed on Rán Racing Adam Beashel, the ETNZ strategist, is stepping in for double 470 world champion Nic Asher. Santi Lange (ARG) is absent from Phoenix where Andrea Fonseca moves into the tactician role, and on Provezza – which has a new rig – Britain’s Soling Olympian Andy Beadsworth takes over the helm from compatriot Nick Rogers for this regatta.

ZENITH Royal Cup Marina Ibiza Official practice 16 Sept. Credit: Nico Martinez

ZENITH Royal Cup Marina Ibiza Official practice 16 Sept. Credit: Nico Martinez

But possibly the biggest buzz in Ibiza right now surrounds the return of Kiwi Ray Davies to the fleet. The ETNZ tactician has purposely taken time out after their disappointing 34th America’s Cup loss to Oracle Team USA. Ray Davies won the MedCup in 2007 with Peter de Ridder’s all conquering Mean Machine team which had Team New Zealand as its beating heart, as then he won twice in 2009 and 2010 with the full Emirates Team New Zealand crew under skipper Dean Barker. Deeply into sailing smaller boats right now, A Class catamarans and Moths, Davies has not stepped on a big grand prix racing yacht since the Cup – until last week. And here the shoes that he steps into at the back of Gladiator are those of none other than Cup winning strategist Tom Slingsby. A change of afterguard since Palma sees Davies paired up again with navigator Jules Salter, himself a MedCup winner with ETNZ and Mean Machine.

ZENITH Royal Cup Marina Ibiza Official practice 16 Sept. Credit: Nico Martinez

ZENITH Royal Cup Marina Ibiza Official practice 16 Sept. Credit: Nico Martinez

Davies smiles as the years are rolled away and, after today’s practice race, he admits: It is a bit surreal to be back. I have been away for several years. It is fantastic that the 52s have survived, a lot of other classes haven’t. And that the commitment to the BARCLAYS 52 SUPER SERIES is there from the management.

Next year looks amazing. I would love to be doing this next year as long as it fits into our programme. We don’t know what our programme is for sure right now. I think we will end up picking a Series to do outside of the Cup sailing. And we will try and all do that same Series. We have just not decided what that would be. We would not necessarily do it as a crew together, it would be as individuals, but certainly on the same Circuit. Of course we have Pete (Burling) and Blair (Tuke) on the Team now and they have their Olympic year but if there are some regatta that all tie in we can train in New Zealand together and then all be away at the same time then that would be ideal.

In light conditions, a podium place is not beyond the reach of Tony Langley’s Gladiator team. Davies says: The Gladiator team has some really good sailors on board. But we have our work cut out. The boat is a little bit older but in the lighter airs it does perform quite well. But we have a lot of things to work on. It is the first time I have sailed on this team. Of course I have sailed with Jules (Salter who is on Gladiator this week as navigator) on the Mean Machine and Emirates Team New Zealand. And so that is very easy. It was great being back on a boat with him today. The goal for this week is to keep improving like every one is, and to be realistic in what our goals should be. But if we could end up on the podium at the end of the week then we would be over the moon. I had a chat with Tom Slingsby to tell me what he could tell me about the team and he had a lot of positive things to say. The team is still growing and learning in this type of boat and Tony is looking to have a new boat for next year and that will make life a lot easier for him. The goal this week is to learn as many skills in this boat and hopefully get a little bit more speed next year. It looks light this week which is good for this boat, for sure. We have to work on our starting. It has been an issue in the past that Tony has identified. So we have to work on that.

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The Home Straight: The ZENITH Royal Cup Marina Ibiza

Posted on 13 September 2014 by Ivan Bidzilya

[Source: 52 Super Series] The home straight of the 2014 BARCLAYS 52 SUPER SERIES is in sight. The Zenith Royal Cup Marina Ibiza starts Wednesday 17th September and will see eight 52s from eight different nations competing at a less well known venue, one which promises to reveal tricky race tracks with a broad range of different racing conditions expected.

Each of the different teams will arrive in Ibiza this weekend holding slightly different agendas. Quantum Racing, Doug DeVos’ American-flagged crew, who are the 2013 52 SUPER SERIES champions, will be looking to close out the season holding the same position on the circuit leaderboad that they start the Ibiza event in. On top.

Quantum Racing lead the BARCLAYS 52 SUPER SERIES standings – which aggregate all the points from the four constituent regattas in Capri, Sardinia, Palma and Ibiza – by only eight points.

Niklas Zennström’s Rán Racing are in second. Eight points is considered to be ‘nothing’ in this white hot fleet. Rán Racing have the talent, the speed and the sheer momentum required to overhaul Quantum Racing and cause an upset. In Palma last month they only lost out winning the Copa del Rey on the last day, proving to be faster in many conditions than the series leaders. It would not be any kind of surprise for Rán Racing to finish their TP52 with a regatta win. Indeed thei last major trophy win was the Royal Cup itself.

If cast iron continuity among the crew, running a solid line up which does not change through the season, is a touchstone of the Rán Racing team, Azzurra – who lie third at 12 points – have varied their trimmers, by necessity. But they will welcome the return of America’s Cup and Med Cup winner Grant Loretz. With the highly successful Kiwi trimming Azzurra won the opening regatta, Rolex Capri Sailing Week. And tacticianVasco Vascotto (ITA) believes that they can return to the top of the podium in Ibiza:

In Palma we suffered some speed problems and part of our skills is to find the right solutions. We analyzed the problems and we think we have identified the reasons. In Ibiza Grant Loretz will be back with us. He’s for sure a very good sailor and makes a difference, but also we won the first stage in Capri with him, so we like to think that he also brings good luck! And we need some luck in terms of wind: last year in June in Ibiza it was too light for us, now in September there is expected to be some to have more wind.

One of the most successful and popular tacticians in the TP52 fleet returns after a significant absence. Emirates Team New Zealand’s Ray Davies – who initially won the Med Cup with Peter de Ridder’s Mean Machine and then twice with Team New Zealand – comes back to the TP52 to sail on Tony Langley’s Gladiator, partnering Volvo Ocean Race and MedCup winning navigator Jules Salter.

And as the crews already contemplate the 2015 season, looking forwards to a significantly heightened level of competition, Takashi Okura has chosen to bring Sled over from the USA to join the BARCLAYS 52 SUPER SERIES for the first time, to learn more before they launch their new boat for 2015. Sled’s tactician, double Olympic medallist Ross MacDonald, notes:

We are really focusing on next year when we will have a new boat, and we really just want to keep moving along in the right direction, to keep learning. Mr Okura wanted to come to Ibiza to check in with the fleet. We will get a few days training before but we just want to be in the mix, that would be great. Next year? Well then we really are running out of excuses. It will be our second year, we will have a brand new boat and everything will be new and off the shelf, so then there will be no excuses.

The racing calendar is rich with opportunities just now and with some sailors coming to Ibiza on the back of two or three weeks straight of intense competition, avoiding or dealing with fatigue might be an issue, when a momentary loss of concentration or focus, could compromise the final result. Rán Racing should arrive in Ibiza after a week off. Others will come straight from two weeks in Sardinia.

Quantum Racing’s tactician Terry Hutchinson says sagely:

A few of us will be coming off of two events leading into Ibiza and so we have to monitor our energy levels. But at this point of the season if we have not reach exhaustion by the end of Ibiza then we are not working hard enough. Maximum effort is required to be successful!

At all times their focus will be looking forwards, not worrying about the opposition might be doing: . Ran and Azzurra are both close and so our continual focus has to be in front of us as if we stop to look and see what is coming they will go right by!

BARCLAYS 52 SUPER SERIES sailors have fond memories of Olympic gold medal winner Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson who was pivotal and popular member of the Team Origin crew, sailing as strategist alongside Iain Percy and Ben Ainslie. The circuit and the regatta will be active and enthusiastic participants in the global event Bart’s Bash which falls on the last day of the Ibiza event.

Racing starts Wednesday with a series of windward-leeward races and one coastal race between then and Sunday night’s glittering prizegiving.

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Gaastra Pro will race at the Zenith Royal Cup Marina Ibiza

Posted on 11 September 2014 by Ivan Bidzilya

[Source: BARCLAYS 52 SUPER SERIES] Gaastra Pro, one of the 52 SUPER SERIES most passionate long standing supporters and suppliers, will enter the final event of the 2014 BARCLAYS 52 SUPER SERIES, the Zenith Royal Cup Marina Ibiza in their own right with a chartered 52 which will be skippered by Gaastra Pro’s director Marc Blees.

Just as he did at the Gaastra TP52 World Championships in Miami last year, Blees – himself a top Dutch pro sailor as well as the driving force behind Gaastra Pro – has recruited a posse of friends who also happen to be world class sailors to come to Ibiza and compete in the end of season finale in the TP52 Class which he loves.

Blees admits this is a regatta he could not miss, at a venue he could not miss. But, he confirms, while there is the probable satisfaction of racing against some of the best teams in the world, the opportunity for further cementing the brand’s association with the world’s leading monohull circuit is one which is also attractive.

Gaastra Pro will take the ORC world championship winning Hurakan which is the Reichel Pugh designed 52 originally built as USA 17 for Larry Ellison and skippered by Russell Coutts to win the City of Marseille regatta in 2008 before racing as Synergy and PowerPlay.

Blees, who campaigned Finn and Star classes for Olympic selection, has recruited top US Star sailor Mark Mendelblatt as tactician. Mendelblatt sailed in the MedCup as winning strategist on Quantum Racing. John Heyes – who presently sails with Hurakan and knows the boat well will sail as trimmer alongside veteran four times America’s Cup winner Simon Daubney who has sailed in eight America’s Cups and was most recently with Oracle Team USA.

“We have six or seven professionals on the boat who know it the TPs very well. They will do a good job I am sure”, – Gaastra Pro’s Blees reveals.

Rob Weiland, TP52 Class Manager, commented:  “We will have three days of training, we will be in a relatively relaxed mode, out to sail well and have a bit of fun together, sailing with friends who are pros, some Star sailors and some Finn sailors, we are happy. It would be nice to be in amongst it and so well, but we don’t really have any expectations.

It will be great to welcome Marc and the Gaastra Pro team for Ibiza. Marc and many of the team are personal friends as well as avid supporters of the class and circuit. They have been with us since the start and share the 52 SUPER SERIES vision. So we look forwards to sharing their fun in Ibiza”.

Points racing for the BARCLAYS 52 SUPER SERIES starts Wednesday 17th September with the fleet for the Zenith Royal Cup Marina Ibiza already assembling at the Marina Ibiza.

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Eight NEW TP52s for next years 52 SUPER SERIES and events’ dates announced

Posted on 21 August 2014 by Ivan Bidzilya

[Source: 52 Super Series] Eight newly built TP52s will compete on the 2015 52 SUPER SERIES circuit in fleet which is expected to comprise 12 to 14 boats, including three teams who will be new to the series in Europe, over a five regatta circuit at venues which are presently being finalised.

The high number of new boats for next season reflects the controlled evolution and success of the class and the 52 SUPER SERIES circuit in delivering fast, exciting, close racing at desirable venues, competing against like minded owners and teams.

Ten years after the TP52s were first adopted into Europe the class remains true to a box rule concept which has been well managed to racing remains tight but there are still sufficient design opportunities to develop and design performance differences.

The new 2015 generation boats will be faster still and more challenging to sail. Sail area increases – mainsails, jibs and gennakers all get bigger – overall displacement reduces but draft and hence righting moment or power increases – carbon rigging is adopted, bowsprits are longer, new generation carbon rigs will be stiffer and deflectors are allowed and cockpit volume is opened up.

The eight new boats include those for existing 52 SUPER SERIES teams, Quantum Racing (Doug DeVos USA), Azzurra (Roemmers family ARG), Sled (Takashi Okura, USA/JPN), Rán Racing (Niklas Zennström, SWE), Provezza (Ergin Imre, TUR), Gladiator (Tony Langley, GBR). Two teams are choosing to remain anonymous but have boats already commissioned.

Interestingly the new boats which have been ordered are split 50:50, four apiece between the two established design houses Botin Partners and Judel/Vrolijk.

While the performance of the new generation of TP52s is expected to step up significantly from the main crop of boats which compete currently on the BARCLAYS 52 SUPER SERIES, what is especially exciting is that with fleet will converge back to a much closer design envelope. With such a high proportion of the fleet new, or much more recent designs, then the playing field for the 2015 season will be level. There will be no hiding place. There will be no excuse to lose.

“In a way that is terrifying.” Smiles Tony Rey, the project manager for Ergin Imre’s Provezza team. Imre is without question one of the circuit’s most experienced and enthusiastic owners, with his Provezza projects dating back 25 years through one design, IMS and IOR. A new Vrolijk designed Provezza is being built at Cooksons in New Zealand with Chris Hosking managing the construction for the team which is expecting the new boat to be ready around Christmas.

“ That is the thing I find most exciting.” Rey expands, “ A new boat does not make us faster than the old boat. It highlights any weaknesses that we have compared to other teams. A new boat will shine a light on all aspects of our team, our maintenance, our organisation, our crew work, our communication, that is what a new boat does.”

“We are on the level playing field and we can’t hide any more with ‘oh this old boat’”

Of the publically confirmed projects four will build in Europe, Provezza in New Zealand and one at Premier Composites Dubai facility.

And with a bigger fleet the critical design decisions are opened, taken or have been taken, how to mode the new boat to gain an edge upwind. Now it becomes key to design in the ability to be in the very top spots at the first upwind mark:

Guillermo Parada, skipper of Azzurra, explains:

“It is very exciting for our team, for the SUPER SERIES and for the class that there will be eight new boats for next season. That means the competition will be really tough and also having 14 boats expected on the start line next season it is a very different challenge that we are facing as a team. The new boats need to be more upwind orientated because in a bigger fleet you need to make sure you get to the top mark in good shape and from there on you plan your race, otherwise in a small fleet you can have very good downwind boat that is not so good upwind. That will be the biggest change. And with all the changes in the rule, the carbon rigging, deflectors, more draft, lighter boats those are parameters which will make the boat even more challenging to sail.”

TP52 World Champions and 52 SUPER SERIES champions Quantum Racing’s project manager Ed Reynolds elaborates:
“ The new boats will be a lot faster, more manageable and I think they will level off the playing field quite a bit between the pro drivers and some of the owner drivers because they are going to be balanced a little better and they will be faster downwind. It’s exciting.”

But along with the design differences in design, Ed Reynolds highlights the enduring appeal which keeps the TP52 popular with owners and crews:

“I think we have been around 7000kgs on our headstay loads and the new boats will be around  7500kgs, we are going to carbon rigging, these boats get loaded up. But the really nice thing about the 52’s is that we feel it is the biggest boat that you can really have that you are still racing it like a dinghy. Any bigger then some of the crew work, the kinetics, the things you can do with smaller boats that you can with the 52, you can’t do above this size. Racing these boats everybody loves it.
For us they have done such a great job with the box rule it will be hard to come out and leapfrog the opposition. Our focus is on moding the boat. How high a drag do we want our fin? Where do we want to be against fleet downwind? Which wind range? I think that is the technological advantage you look for in this fleet. It is indisputable. This box rule has been as level and as well thought out as anything outside of one design boats I have ever seen.

“We are so excited about this. For the Class it means the total of TP52s built in 15 years is set to rise now above 70 boats which is quite an achievement if we recognise that these are large one-off racing yachts built to the highest standards at the time of construction.”

“ In a way it is logical to see these bursts of construction activity such as we have now. We have seen them in the past as well. The TP52 owners are fans of level, real time racing and when so many start building it is represents a very good moment to jump on the train and have a realistic chance to be at par with the majority of boats for some years to come.” TP52 Class Manager Rob Weiland highlights.

CEO of the 52 SUPER SERIES Agustin Zulueta summarises: “The circuit is shaping up well for 2015 we are finalising the venues right now so that we reflect a genuine pan European spread of locations, five regattas over five months, exciting places and established favourites. The 52 SUPER SERIES is ever growing and exceeding expectations set out at the beginning of the year. There is no doubt that the formula we offer is a recipe for success. In 2014 we formed strong links with international companies such as Barclays, Zenith, Gaastra and in the last weeks Peters & May. Continued interest in the BARCLAYS 52 SUPER SERIES and eight new boats for next year, confirms that the 52 SUPER SERIES is the place to be in the years to come.

Build Table for 2015 at 18th August 2014:

  • TBA  (sistership Quantum)
  • Quantum Racing USA- Botin – Longitud Cero (ESP)
  • Azzurra ITA – Botin – King Marine (ESP)
  • Sled USA/JPN – Botin – Cookson (NZ)
  • Rán Racing SWE – Vrolijk – Persico (ITA)
  • Gladiator GBR (sistership Rán)
  • Provezza TUR – Vrolijk – Cookson (NZ)
  • TBA,  Vrolijk – Premier (Dubai)


  • May, 18th – 23rd
  • June, 08th – 13th
  • July, 13th – 18th
  • August, 03rd – 08th
  • September 15th – 20th

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Mallorca’s Puerto Portals to host the 2015 TP52 World Championship

Posted on 16 August 2014 by Ivan Bidzilya

[Source: 52 Super Series] The TP52 World Championship will once again be a constituent regatta of the 52 SUPER SERIES in 2015 and with eight new TP52s already confirmed to be building for next season, the World Championship title will be one of the hardest fought ever in 2015 as the fleet enjoys significant growth.

The exact size of the fleet for 2015 is still not known but the current expectation is for at least 12 boats representing 12 different nations.

“We are very excited to be going to Puerto Portals for the TP52 World Championships in 2015. We are pleased to see not only that the fleet is growing but it is becoming increasingly international. That was one of the goals we set as the world’s leading monohull circuit.” Says Agustin Zulueta the CEO of the 52 SUPER SERIES.

Corinna Graf, CEO of Puerto Portals confirms that they had been looking to return to hosting top level international racing but they have been waiting the right opportunity.

“We were seeking an event which brings real prestige, a race which is of public relevance and a true top level sporting test. Being hosts of a stage of the 52 SUPER SERIES will bring great pride to the port. And crowning a new world champion in 2015 will add a new level of prestige.”

Rob Weiland, manager of the TP52 class, also is pleased to bring the World Championship to Puerto Portals World: “It’s a beautiful place to sail. I was here for the first time in 2005 for the Breitling Cup and have always loved the infrastructure and the ambience. Conditions will be excellent for racing and there are many good restaurants very close to the dock. I am convinced that the World Championship in Puerto Portals is going to be a great success. “

Puerto Portals has a long and storied relationship with the Class since it was adopted in the Med in 2005. From 2005 to 2008 the venue was a regular fixture on the MedCup circuit, usually with a royal presence and unique ambience.

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Back to Basics means Back in the Game

Posted on 06 August 2014 by Valencia Sailing

[Source: 52 Super Series] A couple of frustratingly inconsistent opening days for Niklas Zennström’s crew prompted a serious debrief Tuesday night – the afterguard in particular concluding that they needed to return once again to doing the basics well, looking at their processes leading up to decisions rather than simply deconstructing and rueing mistakes.

Their reward came today when they lead through the leeward gate after the first short upwind-downwind circuit in a modest sea breeze and from there they built an initial margin which they held on to through the next three hours of racing, a series of upwind and downwind circuits in the west of the Bay of Palma.

The winning crew were pleased to have bounced back after what navigator Steve Hayles described on the dock as one of the most disappointing days he can recall with the team.

Today in the nine to 11kts of breeze they started well to track Phoenix around the top mark after the opening 2.2 miles beat. Then, on the heels of a few seconds of extra wind pressure they were able to gybe down inside the Brazilian flagged team to lead through the gate. And from there it was relatively plain sailing as Phoenix and Gladiator enjoyed a spirited tussle over second and third. On the finish line with the breeze having built to a pleasant 13-15kts it was Phoenix which prevailed for second with Tony Langley’s crew taking third.

If the battle for second and third had its moments, the duel between Azzurra and Quantum Racing proved especially frustrating for the circuit and regatta leaders Quantum Racing. Tactician Terry Hutchinson was adamant that he would have preferred that both focused on getting back to the top spots in the race rather than match racing each other in the cheap seats:

“That is not way would have sailed it. I don’t look back that much (after a race) and potentially that is a mistake. I am focused on winning the regatta not beating one boat. You have to ask them why they chose that strategy but it would not have been mine. I would have chosen to extend and try and get out in front and let our speed work. We are going quite well. That is how we got around them. They tacked on us probably six or seven times and every time they tacked on us we gained. Every time they sent us the wrong way we gained.”

Vasco Vascotto Azzurra’s tactician had a different view after holding on to finish fifth, holding back Quantum Racing to sixth:

“The result of the race might not seem good, and indeed a fifth place isn’t a good one, but we were victorious in the match race with our direct opponents, Quantum. It was important to control them even at the expense of losing positions to the rest of the fleet. It’s been two races that we finished ahead of them and everything is still possible both for us and the other competitors. Today we understood a lot of things that will improve our performance, we are upbeat, and if we do things the right way, we can make it.”

With their coastal race victory Rán Racing move back up to second overall, tied on 18pts with Azzurra. And for all that the sixth place for Quantum Racing almost doubled their morning aggregate, in effect they only lost a point of their overall lead which stands at five points after five of 11 races. Gladiator’s third leaves them on 19pts in fourth.

Hayles concluded: “ We had a good long look at ourselves after yesterday and we were mightily unhappy with what we achieved yesterday. It was a good sit down. A lot of it is going back to basics. Yesterday we concentrated on the afterguard totally. We have lots of different ways of debriefing, sometimes the guys are looking at the video and seeing how they do manoeuvres for example in the middle of the boat, but yesterday we were trying to understand the specific mistakes we made but why they happened. It is about the process you go through. There is no point in sitting down and saying we should have done X when we did Y. It is about sitting down and saying the style of our sailing was wrong, it was about the start and other things but certainly yesterday it did not work. I can’t think of a worse day with this team. It was nice to come back today, back to basics, we made sure the communication was very very strong, stating very basic obvious things, that is all we really set out to do.”

Standings BARCLAYS 52 SUPER SERIES – Copa del Rey MAPFRE
Overall after 5 races

1. Quantum Racing, USA, (Doug De Vos USA) (2,1,2,2,6) 13pts
2. Rán Racing, SWE, (Niklas Zennström SWE) (1,7,6,3,1) 18pts
3. Azzurra, ITA, (Alberto Roemmers ARG) (3,5,4,1,5) 18pts
4. Gladiator, GBR, (Tony Langley GBR) (DNF/8,2,1,5,3) 19pts
5. Phoenix, BRA, (Eduardo de Souza Ramos BRA) (6,3,3,6,2) 20pts
6. Paprec, FRA, (Jean Luc Petithugenin FRA) (4,6,5,4,4) 23pts
7. Provezza 7, TUR, (Ergin Imre TUR) (5,4,DNF/8,DNS/8,7) 32pts

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