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Emirates Team New Zealand tests new AC45 ‘F’ catamaran

Posted on 20 May 2015 by Reporter

[Source: Emirates Team New Zealand] Progress continues for Emirates Team New Zealand with several of the sailing team in the UK for a testing session onboard the new AC45 ‘F’ catamaran.

Progress continues for Emirates Team New Zealand with several of the sailing team in the UK for a testing session onboard the new AC45 ‘F’ catamaran.

The AC45 ’F’ for ‘foiling’, is a natural progression of the non foiling model used in the last America’s Cup World Series, and has now been converted to a fully foiling catamaran that will race starting at the first World Series event in Portsmouth in July

It is not Emirates Team New Zealand’s first involvement in the AC45F; designers Neil Wilkinson and Chris Mellow played major roles in leading the conversion to make the boats fly. Wilkinson lead the design of the new foil control system while Chris Mellow lead the project management of the entire process.

“The new foiling version of the AC45 catamaran has brought the boats in line with current foiling technology,” said Glenn Ashby who was in Southampton accompanied by Jeremy Lomas and Richard Meacham as they were given a short and intense shore side session examining Ben Ainslie Racing’s own AC45F.

A strange scenario it seems, but the event wasn’t exclusively for Emirates Team New Zealand. All teams were permitted time to study the new features, systems and deck layout which make the ‘F’ foil as part of preparation for the first hit out in two months time.

It is the understanding of the onboard working systems and the subsequent conversion to crew dynamics, which will give any team an advantage in the one design class.

“It has been an extremely valuable few days here in Southampton having the opportunity to assess, test and sail with the new foiling AC45F class boat,” said Glenn Ashby.

The sailing sessions gave the sailing team a taste of action to come, “The racing will be fantastic on these boats and having full foiling reaching starts to mark 1 and then downwind to the gate in a fleet environment will be extremely exciting.”

“The boats are very challenging to sail and operating the dagger boards rake and up/down in the manoeuvres accurately around the course will be key to a good performance.”

“We are grateful to the guys at BAR for their hospitality and assistance over the past few days which allowed various sailing team representatives to be able to sail and learn about how we will need to prepare for the first event.”

Emirates Team New Zealand have a planned training camp on the teams own AC45F in late June which will be its only preparation before practice racing on the 24th July.

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Emirates Renews Commitment to Emirates Team New Zealand

Posted on 14 May 2015 by Reporter

[Source: Emirates Team New Zealand] Emirates airline on 12th May announced its continued support of Emirates Team New Zealand, which is among the challengers for the 35th America’s Cup, to be decided in June 2017.

President of Emirates airline, Sir Tim Clark, said the airline’s decision was recognition of the success of the team in helping build the Emirates brand globally, as well as signalling further commitment to New Zealand.

“Emirates started its New Zealand services in 2003 and has been naming rights sponsor of Team New Zealand since 2004,” he said. “Our re-commitment for the next America’s Cup challenge, lodged by the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron in August last year, is testament to the spirit, skill and strengths the team has shown.

“There is also no doubt that our continued support is reflective of the success the team has been in allowing us to get closer to our loyal and potential customers in New Zealand and many other countries and in building awareness of Emirates as a leading global brand.”

“Our investment in Team New Zealand is one of the reasons Emirates has continued to soar in brand recognition, holding the top brand value among all airlines and now being inside the top 200 companies globally on brand value.”

Competition in the next America’s Cup begins in July 2015, with the first event of the America’s Cup World Series, in Portsmouth, England with racing on July 25- 26. There will be America’s Cup World Series events in 2015-16 with AC45 catamarans, and the America’s Cup Qualifiers, Playoffs and Finals in a new AC Class catamaran will be held in 2017, with the final races in Bermuda.

Emirates Team New Zealand chief executive Grant Dalton said the response to securing funding for the challenge had been encouraging.

“We have made considerable progress because the Emirates Team New Zealand brand is an international leader, well recognised in the sport. Emirates airline has been with the team since 2004 and their decision to stay with us is important. We are fortunate to have such loyal and committed sponsors,” said Dalton.

Dalton paid tribute to the many sponsors and suppliers – including Emirates – who have stood by the team in the hard times since the end of the 34th America’s Cup in 2013.

Sir Tim Clark added: “Exposure for Emirates through the team and its global reach has helped put the airline on the map in many parts of the world and with many audiences. We hope there is now the chance of building further on this excellent foundation.

“The features we saw in the team when we first backed it in 2004 are still there. As an award-winning airline we can relate to its drive, focus, competitiveness and desire for excellence in all aspects of its operation.”

Emirates flies three A380 services daily from Auckland to Dubai and beyond via Australia, as well as offering a daily Boeing 777-300ER service from Christchurch.

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Emirates Team New Zealand saddened by Luna Rossa’s withdrawal

Posted on 03 April 2015 by Reporter

[Source: Emirates Team New Zealand] Emirates Team New Zealand are deeply saddened by the news of the withdrawal from the America’s Cup of Luna Rossa, one of the most established, respected and admired brands in the history of the event.

Emirates Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa are close allies and share common values of fair play and integrity.

Team CEO Grant Dalton today said, “We are quite frankly in disbelief that the continued actions of the America’s Cup Event Authority have lead to the withdrawal of our great friends Luna Rossa. It sends a clear and unmistakable message that the self-serving manoeuvring of rules within sports oldest trophy has consequences for not only the America’s Cup but also all of sailing. “

Emirates Team New Zealand have filed its case on the illegal withdrawal of Auckland as the qualifier regatta venue with the America’s Cup Arbitration Panel and will be making no further comment at this time.

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Emirates Team New Zealand continue to fight for Auckland

Posted on 01 April 2015 by Reporter

[Source: Emirates Team New Zealand] By the deadline of the 31st March the America’s Cup teams voted by a majority in favour of changes to the 35th America’s Cup Protocol, which included a reduction in boat size to between a 45 and 50 foot foiling catamaran and as a consequence the withdrawal of Auckland as America’s Cup Qualifier host city.

Under the original Protocol, the Qualifier venue was to be announced by the 15th February 2015. This requirement was fulfilled on this date with the announcement to the teams that Auckland would be the location of the Qualifiers.

Among the changes to the Protocol voted on, ACEA sought to retrospectively change this date to April and disregard the agreement for Auckland to be the location for the America’s Cup qualifier.

As a result, Emirates Team New Zealand has now reluctantly filed an application to the America’s Cup Arbitration Panel to reinstate Auckland as the qualifier venue based on a signed and accepted bid, notified to the teams in accordance with the Protocol. This needs to be done to satisfy the requirement that all complaints must be filed within 7 days of knowing the facts justifying the complaint.

CEO Grant Dalton said, “Emirates Team New Zealand have filed an application to the America’s Cup Arbitration Panel in the belief that ACEA has breached their signed agreement and protocol obligations by discarding Auckland.”

“However prior to any hearing Emirates Team New Zealand will continue discussions with all teams and ACEA on the prospect of continuing to bring America’s Cup racing to Auckland.”

Until the outcome of this is known Emirates Team New Zealand continues its work in preparing for the next America’s Cup in 2017.

“We are fighting to keep Auckland as a qualifier. This isn’t about government funding, this is not the end of Emirates Team New Zealand, it’s about enforcing a contract and bringing America’s Cup racing to New Zealand as agreed by ACEA.” concluded Dalton.

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Dean Barker decides to move on

Posted on 10 March 2015 by Reporter

[Source: Emirates Team New Zealand] Speaking on behalf of Emirates Team New Zealand, Chairman Keith Turner today confirmed that Dean Barker has decided not to accept the position of Performance Manager/Coach and Executive Team Member offered to him following a four month period of restructure at ETNZ.

Keith Turner said “We are disappointed that we have lost Dean from the team and hold him in the highest regard, but he has made it clear throughout this restructure process that he saw he was best suited to a role on the water as Skipper or sailing director. Despite the media commentary in the last few weeks, all matters between us have been resolved satisfactorily”.

“No settlement payment was made to Dean other than a standard notice period of three months’ salary.”

“The Board and Management wish Dean well for the future and thank him sincerely for his huge contribution to ETNZ over 20 years” said Mr Turner.

Director and long-time Emirates Team New Zealand supporter Sir Stephen Tindall said, “I personally wish to pay tribute to Dean as an outstanding sportsman I have had the privilege to know personally and professionally. I am pleased that Dean’s team mates will have the opportunity to honour him in their own words at a team farewell in a few days’ time.”

Sir Stephen said “I know that Dean shares our disappointment at the way in which this issue has played out in the media”

It is important that before we can move on from the past few weeks, Emirates Team New Zealand wishes to put the record straight on a number of matters:

· The ETNZ Board and Management, on hearing the “breaking news” that Dean had been dumped as Skipper, immediately issued a statement stating that the information was inaccurate.
· The decision to offer Dean the role of Performance Manager/Coach, and to offer the position of Sailing Director to another team member had not been finally made when the matter first appeared in the press.
· In the interests of fairness, and being constrained by the legal process, this is all ETNZ Board and Management could say on the issue at that time. We waited until the formal process regarding Dean’s role in the team was completed before we could speak on the issue. It now has.
· Rumours then circulated and media reports laden with innuendo appeared in media reports implying that Grant Dalton was the source of the “leak”.
· The ETNZ Board has conducted an investigation into the cause or source of the “leak”. We are totally satisfied that Grant Dalton was not involved in anyway and he and his Management team have our full confidence and backing. No member of the Board or Management leaked any information.
· It is incorrect that Dean first heard of his possible change of role through social media and the final decision via press release. Following the last campaign, a review of all facets of the San Francisco campaign was concluded in May 2014.
· Dean participated in that review, and in the subsequent restructure process that began in November last year. He was aware from November that the role of Performance Manager was to be created and that he was being considered for this position.
· At all times the Board and Management were acutely conscious of following due process as any employer is expected to do.

“Employment issues are notoriously difficult to manage, especially when there is intense public interest. We unreservedly apologise for the impact that any failing on our part has had on Dean, his family, and on the team who are working night and day to bring home to New Zealand the America’s Cup” said Mr Turner.

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Emirates Team NZ prepares for challenges ahead

Posted on 26 February 2015 by Reporter

[Source: Emirates Team New Zealand] Emirates Team New Zealand announced today that the Halsey Street, Auckland, base will be fully operational from Monday, March 2. Work will start immediately on modifying an AC45 catamaran to foil. The team also announced it had completed the restructuring process that came out of the team-wide review after San Francisco and 50 people have signed on and will be working full time from Monday.

With the first America’s Cup World Series regatta scheduled to take place at Cagliari, Italy in June, pressure is on the team to start the modifications.

Wing trimmer in 2013 Glenn Ashby has been appointed Sailing Director and he and Peter Burling will take on helming duties. Ashby is a multiple world and Australian champion in three multihull classes and Burling is current world Moth and, with Blair Tuke, 49er champion.

Dean Barker was involved in the review and restructuring process and Emirates Team New Zealand wants to retain his services as Performance Manager and Sailing Coach with a place on the executive committee. In the review of Emirates Team New Zealand, the team clearly identified the need for such a role. It is a crucial position for the team and we have been discussing this as a possible option for Dean since last November.

Emirates Team New Zealand recognises that Dean has significant experience and can make a valuable contribution. The role we have offered him would enable the team to capitalise on his skills. Emirates Team New Zealand has now made a formal offer to Dean which he is still considering.

Until the review process was completed it would have been unfair to all involved, and therefore inappropriate, for Emirates Team New Zealand to comment on the various reports in the media over the last week. The review process is now complete.

It should be noted that the announcement of Bermuda as the venue for the next America’s Cup series had a serious impact on the team’s finances and sponsorship funding, reducing the budget by some $20 million. This meant the team has had to reduce its remuneration budget and each team member has, as a result, taken a significant pay cut.

Additionally several million dollars has been axed from the operations budget leading to the scrapping of one of the foiling AC45s that the team had planned and, consequently, the elimination of one of the planned helmsman positions.

CEO Grant Dalton said: “As mentioned, the team has just activated its next stage of preparations and on Monday 50 staff begin the role of planning and construction for the upcoming race series. We’re hoping to retain Dean’s 20 years of America’s Cup experience in Emirates Team New Zealand but we also acknowledge it is time for new blood to be given the chance at the helm of the country’s challenger.”

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Emirates Team NZ gets shipshape at Moth Worlds

Posted on 14 January 2015 by Reporter

[Source: McDougall/McConaghy Moth Worlds] Some of the biggest names in America’s Cup sailing are here at the McDougall + McConaghy 2015 Moth Worlds, honing their skills, team bonding and generally coming to grips with the exciting foiling Moth. America’s Cup team Emirates Team New Zealand (ETNZ) is no exception.

Dean Barker, Ray Davies, Glenn Ashby are experienced AC team members. The 2012 Olympic 49er silver medallists Peter Burling and Blair Tuke were added to the Team this time last year, their talent and flare an obvious asset, highlighted by Burling leading these Worlds by a large margin heading into tomorrow’s racing.

“We’re sailing against our crew mates from other classes, Olympic team mates and mates in the other America’s Cup Syndicates (Oracle Team USA, Artemis Racing and Luna Rossa),” Ashby, a sailmaker points out.

“It’s every man for himself, but once we’re ashore there’s lots of friendly banter and laughter,” says wing trimmer Ashby, who was head coach with Oracle’s 90ft trimaran for their 33rd America’s Cup win.

The Victorian-based sailor has more multihull world, national and state titles as a skipper than you can count on your fingers and toes. And he is a Tornado Olympic silver medallist from the 2000 Games with skipper Darren Bundock.

The whole idea of being at the McDougall + McConaghy Moth Worlds, Ashby says, “came from us (ETNZ) doing the A-Class Worlds last year in Takapuna, New Zealand, where Ashby won his eighth consecutive A-Class world title. Notably, Tuke and Burling were second and third respectively. Ray Davies was fifth. All were sailing foiling A-Cats.

“It’s good for team bonding, morale and developing as a group. It helps us technically too. The Moth is a step up. It’s a very technical boat,” Ashby says.

Explaining the principle of foiling in simple terms, Ashby says, “It’s like a plane, which needs air under its wings to lift off. With the Moth, it’s water flow that gets us up and foiling.” The 37 year-old says the entire ETNZ team sails various classes. “You definitely have to sail as much as you can, because the America’s Cup game has changed vastly over the last two Cups. The Moth goes hand-in-hand with the America’s Cup.

While guys like Davies, Barker and Ashby are the experience of their AC team, Ashby says it’s great to have the young blood of Burling and Tuke. “It’s fantastic having the young 49er guys (Burling is 23 and Tuke 25). We’re the experience and they bring a new perspective, dynamics, new skills and passion,” say Ashby, who has his team members and their families staying at his and his extended family’s homes. “The plan is to fast track to our experience level.”

On Oracle Team USA beating them in one of the biggest sporting comebacks of all time, when down 1-8 to ETNZ and winning eight races on the trot, Ashby said: “I don’t think we’ll ever get over it, but time heals.”

©ThMartinez/Sea&Co.  SORRENTO - VICTORIA. AUSTRALIA . 2015 International Moth World Championship. Blair TUKE,NZL

©ThMartinez/Sea&Co. SORRENTO – VICTORIA. AUSTRALIA . 2015 International Moth World Championship. Blair TUKE,NZL

What brought them undone to an extent were the lay days. “We were in full maintenance mode during the lay days. They learned to sail their boat faster in that time. We didn’t get any worse, they just got better. They did a fantastic job. Every delay seemed to play into their hands. We nearly had it, until a race we were leading to win was abandoned that day. “Losing was brutal and the people of New Zealand were brutal. When they love you and what you are doing, they really love you. But when things go wrong, well, they are brutal.

“But it’s still the best sailing I’ve ever done in my life. It was an amazing journey. We set the bar early on and kept it going. Not being able to finish it off was soul destroying,” Ashby openly admits. “I take my hat off to the designers and engineers on both teams. They were impressive.”

Ashby says they are now looking forward to the next Cup. “Dalts (Grant Dalton) is still running the show. He’s a good leader and operator in every respect. He’s the guy who has to make the hard decisions, and he does because he is so passionate about the sport”.

So here they are at the McDougall + McConaghy 2015 International Moth World Championship and doing well. Burling is leading by 11 points with two days of racing left. Tuke is 13th, Ashby 15th, Davies 21st and Barker 29th.

“I hope I can move up the standings a bit. My boat got smashed into in one race, which left me out of the next. We’ll see.,” Ashby ends.

©ThMartinez/Sea&Co.  SORRENTO - VICTORIA. AUSTRALIA . 2015 International Moth World Championship. Day 1.  023,Peter BURLING,NZL 4219, 039,Chris DRAPER,GBR 4050

©ThMartinez/Sea&Co. SORRENTO – VICTORIA. AUSTRALIA . 2015 International Moth World Championship. Day 1. 023,Peter BURLING,NZL 4219, 039,Chris DRAPER,GBR 4050

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Team NZ takes a tilt at Moth World champs

Posted on 07 January 2015 by Reporter

[Source: Emirates Team New Zealand] Five members of the Emirates Team New Zealand sailing team are in Victoria, Australia, for the Australian and World Moth championships. The events have attracted more than 150 entries, including a number of America’s Cup sailors, Olympic medallists and world champions. The Australian Nationals start today and run through Thursday.

The Worlds start on Friday and run until January 16. The events are hosted on Port Phillip Bay by the Sorrento Sailing Club.

Dean Barker, Glenn Ashby, Ray Davies, Peter Burling and Blair Tuke are there, putting to the test the work they have done with the foiling moths over the past few months. The world defending champion Nathan Outteridge, helm of the Artemis America’s Cup team heads the field. Observers expect Ashby and Burling to do well. Glenn Ashby has won more world championship trophies across a broad range of multihull classes than anyone else. He says “this regatta will be, without doubt, the single most high-performance regatta I’ve ever done.” “There’ll be at least eight Olympic medallists, three Moth world champions and 15 America’s Cup sailors,” Ashby said.

Other Artemis entries are Loick Peyron (FRA and 2008 Beijing Laser gold medallist Paul Goodison (GBR). Oracle Team members include Tom Slingsby (AUS), Philippe Presti (FRA), Rome Kirby (USA) and Joey Newton (AUS).

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