A remarkable breakthrough in sailing video?

Posted on 20 January 2014 by Valencia Sailing

With a simple drone and a GoPro camera, Quantum Racing’s Keith Brash flies over the TP52 practice race at Quantum Key West and produces what could very well be a game changer in the sport of sailing. The America’s Cup did indeed produce spectacular helicopter footage last September in San Francisco but this is the first time ever that we see stable footage from a drone during an actual race! Hopefully this technology will allow more regattas to have good-quality aerial video without having Larry Ellison’s pockets!

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  1. Alberto Says:

    This is not a new breakthrough – i have seen this many times before over 2 years in sailing – but his good.
    I see AC world series in SF when someone fly a big camera better than go pro. Hope we see more flying camera at events

  2. Kenneth Sands Says:

    It doesn’t matter about the expense of equipment, whether it’s state of the art, helicopter mounted Cineflex
    or drone mounted GoPros, if the shots are mis-framed and not containing the action,
    you will never have a ‘game changer’….
    Money does not buy artistic ability or the title ‘cameraman’, only talent and experience do that.

  3. SailerX Says:

    Boring as batshit compared to what the AC has on.

  4. Destopnews Says:

    Although Keith Brash is very good and always on the look out for new angles and we love his work .. Pierre, isn’t it a bit over the top To call it A remarkable breakthrough? Game changer ? … Come on mate .. This is a little misleading … it’s a sensational tools, no doubts, but it shouldn’t be compared with the 34th ACup footage .. Surely

  5. Valencia Sailing Says:

    Hi Sébastien,

    You might be right, I could have been over enthusiastic but I didn’t claim it was better than the AC in San Francisco. If you consider that Larry Ellison spent US$ 100 million just on TV production, it would have been a crime not to have the superb coverage we had. Nevertheless, what I claim is that this is by far the best return on cost you can have in TV production right now. With a cost of, I assume, less than 1,000 euros Keith produced an aerial video of stunning quality from an actual race, even if it was a practice race.

    His technology isn’t perfect and there is certainly a long way ahead but still, it’s the best there is right now, for such a low cost.

  6. Jbernbaum Says:

    Keith needs to grab one of these so he knows what his GoPro is looking at: http://www.fatshark.com

  7. Keith Brash Says:

    I would like to share some more video & stills from Key West shot with the Phantom 2/Zenmuse H3-2D & GoPro 3+ “Eye in the Sky” was the first flight on the racecourse, still early days…I already have the Fatshark thanks Jono, this video was line of sight flying in 15knts of breeze. Moving onto the next level at the next regatta.


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