CNN Mainsail: What does it take to win the America’s Cup?

Posted on 18 January 2014 by Valencia Sailing

After failing to capitalize on an 8-1 lead in 2013, Team New Zealand are attempting to find the missing ingredient.

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  1. Chris Says:

    this content cannot be viewed in new zealand
    are you able to change the settings or something at your end please
    thank you

  2. justsomeone Says:

    First the Kiwis kick ass, but run out of money
    Two: EB offers to fund but if next cup in Valencia
    Three: LE responds by funding the Kiwis if they loose
    story over
    Kiwis are still the best Yanks are cheaters(proven to be)

  3. ACIntel Says:

    … to cheat!

  4. Valencia Sailing Says:

    TV New Zealand being the exclusive America’s Cup rights holder in New Zealand, there could exist a geographical restriction, set by CNN. There is nothing we can do about that…

  5. Chris Says:

    how about a text version?

  6. adam 12 Says:

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ , Lot´s of it , LE spent three time´s the amount TNZ spent or more , why was the team at ORACLE so big and so dynamic , $$$$$$$$$$ and KIWI´S who wanted insurance that they would get paid and take care of there families which as we know cost´s again lot´s of $$$$$$$ , the technical aspect of the AC is payable if you have the money were talking about big money , everyone know´s if the AC was won by the Kiwi´s the Lawyer´s would have come out with all gun´s blazing , if there was a stabilization system on ORACLE as many said they will use it again and it will work better . NZ is a great country with Great people who apparently like America and have even changed passport´s to stay there .

    In listening to all the latest talk hate to say it but sound´s like TNZ and the Cartel are lining themselves´s up for 2nd place again .

    Good Luck , TNZ , 12


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