Russell Coutts is working on setting the foundations for the 35th America’s Cup

Posted on 08 November 2013 by Valencia Sailing

[Source: America's Cup] With existing and potential America’s Cup teams working in the background to secure sailors, designers and shore crew for the 35th America’s Cup, efforts are also being made to forge the Rules for the next event.

The Protocol for the 35th America’s Cup must be agreed between the defender and the challenger of record and will detail the timing, location, format, type of boat and other rules for the event.

Russell Coutts, the CEO of ORACLE TEAM USA, has been working on all of the above.

“There are a lot of pieces to put together when it comes to translating the various ideas for the next America’s Cup into concrete rules,” Coutts said.

“The main pillars are the teams, the partners, the broadcasters and the venue and each of these influence the other.

Russell Coutts, CE of Oracle Team USA, is working on setting the foundations for the next America’s Cup

“One aspect we’re working very hard on is cost reduction,” he continued. “If we can reduce costs, we will increase the number of the teams, which will have a positive impact on all aspects of the competition.”

Coutts noted the number of people required to staff each team is the biggest factor to consider for reducing costs.

“What we saw this summer was some spectacular racing. Very few people will disagree with that,” Coutts said. “The question is how to build on that result for less money.

“The boats will likely be smaller than 72-feet with some one-design components, which will reduce the number of sailors and designers.

“We believe the competition still needs to remain a test of sailing, design and boat building talent so we are carefully evaluating reductions in each category.”

Meetings have already taken place with city officials in San Francisco, which is the front-runner as the venue for the America’s Cup Final. Those discussions are expected to continue through the end of the year.

“There is a lot more work to do,” Coutts concluded. “But we’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting already in making the major transformations from the past America’s Cup. Now we’re looking to make the right adjustments such that the 35th America’s Cup is even better.”

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  1. Cristián A. Palau C. Says:

    Here goes a good idea to reduce costs: GO BACK TO MONOHULLS!!! Even a monohull with canting keel, daggerboards, twin rudders, bowsprit, etc. is A LOT cheaper than a foiling catamaran (whether it is 60, 65, 70 feet long).

    Having foiling catamarans in the America`s Cup means that each yacht has two hulls, two sets of foils, two foiling rudders, two helms, two sets of coffee grinds, twice as many winches, etc. and that means that the yacht is A LOT more expensive than a latest generation monohull.

    So, if you want to reduce costs, cut to the chase and GO BACK TO MONOHULLS!!

    Got it?

    Best regards,
    Cristián Palau

  2. Norberto Marcher Mühle Says:

    Don’t listen to Cristian. Monoslugs are boring!!!!

  3. Jerry Says:

    Please no more pushing lead . it does not matter if they are canting High aspect still boring , look at the Volvo inshore races …..Yawn Yawn Yawn

  4. Mick Says:

    We have heard all this before, need to reduce costs… when has Larry ever been concerned about the cost… its simple do what the NBA, NHL, and the MLB do put a salary cap on all teams… and limit the size of the team to 120 and let the teams decide how they want to proportion there budget to fit within the salary cap…. Oh that’s no good, as Oracles budget would be blown on one man…

    The following is from AC web page as to how many team members on the payroll during last AC in each team.

    Oracle Racing 200
    Team New Zealand 119
    Luna Rossa 83
    Artemis 143

    Lets get real.. want to make it hard then, reduce team size so teams would need to find team members with multiple rolls within a team.

  5. WetHog Says:

    It is not how much money an AC team spends, but how they spend it. People can rail on Uncle Larry’s budget all they want, but it wasn’t until Uncle Larry invested in Russell Coutts that OR won and defended the AC. Uncle Larry reportedly spent close to $250 mil US on his AC32 effort and what did that get him? A high priced Skipper/CEO throwing a temper tantrum during the LVC Semi’s and a butt kicking by LR.

    All reducing costs will do is allow a bunch of +39, Areva, Shosholoza type challengers to fill out the field, but they will never be serious challengers for the Cup.

    So what does the AC world want? Build on the spectacular AC34 final or reduce costs and get some fill-in challengers so the good teams have more tune up races against scrubs?

    Interesting dilema, but I was fine with a little ACWS racing and a spectacluar AC34 final. I hope Coutts and friends don’t get to carried away. Go from an AC72 to an AC62 and make stuff like the wing and its controls OD and leave the rest the **** alone, please.

  6. Mike Says:

    Monoslugs? Not bad. Monos are dead. 10 years from now, only sailors over 70 will be sailing those barges…

  7. Mike Says:

    Today’s also-rans may become tomorrow’s challengers…give them a chance to get wet…


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