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Mistral conditions persist, no racing on Day 1 of the 2013 Meles 32 Worlds

Posted on 18 September 2013 by Valencia Sailing

[Source: Melges 32 World Championship] Racing was cancelled on the opening day of the 2013 Melges 32 World Championship, hosted by the prestigious YACHT CLUB PORTO ROTONDO (YCPR) in coordination with YACHT CLUB COSTA SMERALDA (YCCS), B.PLAN SPORTS & EVENTS (BPSE) and MELGES EUROPE.

According to PRO Hank Stuart, “The official word is, at 09.00 we displayed AP over A, indicating that races are postponed, meaning no more racing for today. At the time of the postponement, the wind was blowing 25 knots, continued mistral conditions throughout the day with the breeze expected to peak at a sustained 30 knots, gusts potentially as high as 40 knots. Very similar to Wednesday.”

“Mistral conditions typically set in for several days, so this is not unusual,” continued Stuart. “The outlook for Thursday is continued windy in the morning, and we hope by afternoon we see the winds decrease enough for racing.”

No racing on the opening day of the 2013 Melges 32 Worlds. Porto Rotondo, 18 September 2013. Photo copyright ZerogradiNord

FULL ENTRY LIST (Owner/Tactician)
1.) Jason Carroll/Cameron Appleton, Argo
2.) Giangiacomo Serena di Lapagio/Andrea Casale, Atlantica 19
3.) Mauro Mocchegiani/Branko Brcin, Audi Italia Sailing Team
4.) Alessandro Rombelli/Paul Goodison, Azimut by STIG
5.) Andrea Pozzi/Lorenzo Bressani, Bombarda
6.) Filippo Pacinotti/Nathan Wilmot, Brontolo HH
7.) Malcolm Gefter/Steve Hunt, Celeritas
8.) Lanfranco Cirillo/Michele Paoletti, Fantastica
9.) Edoardo Pavesio/Chris Rast, FRA MARTINA
10.) Deneen Demourkas/Francesco Bruni, Groovederci
11.) Richard Goransson/Hamish Pepper, Inga From Sweden 3
12.) Naofumi Kamei/Manuel Weiller, Mamma Aiuto!
13.) Roberto Mazzucato/Daniele Cassinari, Margherita
14.) Vincenzo Onorato/Gabriele Benussi, Mascalzone Latino
15.) Tony Buckingham, Brad Butterworth, Ngoni
16.) Wolfgang Stolz/Jesper Radich, Opus One
17.) Diasuke Kimura/Kazuto Seki, Quetefeek
18.) Luca Simeone/Pierluigi Fornelli, RIMYG
19.) Roberto Tomasini Grinover/Vasco Vascotto, Robertissima
20.) Andrea Ferrari/Fabio Mazzoni, Spirit of Nerina
21.) Keisuke Suzuki/Chris Nicolson, Swing
22.) Valentin Zavadnikov/Michele Ivaldi, Synergy GT
23.) Pavel Kunetsov/Andrey Kirilyuk, Tavatuy-Water Way
24.) Edoardo Lupi/Pietro Sibello, Torpyone
25.) Andrea Lacorte/Andrea Fornaro, Vitamina
26.) Yukihiro Ishida/Richard Clarke, Yasha Samurai

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