Video: Loïck Peyron updates on modified Artemis Racing AC72

Posted on 15 April 2013 by Valencia Sailing

After going through some modifications, the AC72 has been back out on the Bay training for this upcoming summer. Loïck Peyron talks about how these recent modifications have improved Boat 1:

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  1. Euan Says:

    Well Peron has always seemed like a lovely man; but, honestly, this business with the so-called ‘Challenger of Record’ lining up against the defender to screw the Kiwis is simply outrageous. Its like two opposing combatants collaborating to correct the targeting coordinates on incoming missile exchanges. I can only imagine that Artemis have resigned themselves to be another BAR Racing in this cycle. Well, I suppose ‘its the taking part that counts’?

  2. ed Says:

    A crazy thing to hear the legend having to pretend to be positive.


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