Interesting and sincere video update from Artemis Racing

Posted on 16 March 2013 by Valencia Sailing

Finally, a very interesting and sincere video from Artemis Racing, talking about the ongoing modifications on the team’s AC72, instead of the usual irrelevant stuff such as cars or frisbees…

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  1. ed Says:

    Those ribs are on up side down.

  2. Adam 12 Says:

    Andy , Good to see your there and enjoying the Life , maybe it´s not a good idea to add more weight to the boat , anyway there is almost no way to get this boat up to speed as it simply weight´s to much and the centerboard box´s are not strong enough to support flying , no big deal dog´s have been built before Juan is a good Bloke need´s to network a bit more , you are gonna have a lot of work to do even if it all goes good as you know you are far behind ORACLE and TNZ anyway will be fun i find it a bit astonishing that all this stuff you are doing now was no concieved to be done a long time ago , not your responibility , hey bud look forward to seein ya soon , better to work and put all effort into the new boat , 12 out


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