Artist’s impression of the Alinghi VO65 boat

Posted on 05 March 2013 by Valencia Sailing

Artist’s impression of the Alinghi VO65 boat, if the two-time America’s Cup winning team enters the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race:

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  1. Charlie Says:


  2. Cristián A. Palau C. Says:

    I rather wait until we can see the real colors and lively on the Volvo Open 65, before I give my opinion.

    Remember the VO70 Pirates of the Caribbean? Before the yacht was ready, Disney released one picture of how the yacht would look like, but the final result (and how the yacht did look during the race) was completely different to that picture. So, I suggest to wait until the Alinghi Volvo Open 65 do her first sea trail (with her new sails and new colors on the hull), and then you can give your opinion.

    Best regards,
    Cristián Palau

  3. ELVSTROM Says:


  4. acintel Says:

    Uggly boat for sure, but probably not an Alinghi design.

    Pierre it is time to disclose your sources because everything you tweet/say about Alinghi since weeks is obviously wrong. Come on! be a bit more serious on that one.

  5. Adam 12 Says:

    This what happens when you get crushed in the Americas Cup they send you around the world as a penalty !


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