Video: Emirates Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa match race on AC72’s

Posted on 28 February 2013 by Valencia Sailing

New Zealand Herald on Sunday sports editor Paul Lewis was guest onboard the Emirates Team New Zealand AC72 in some practice racing against Luna Rossa:

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  1. Adam 12 Says:

    All good , Both boat´s seem relitively fast , for sure much faster than the Master Minded Cayard Traktor , Desaster , however they will need to up there Game as San Fran is cold air is dence condition´s change quickly and local knowledge is Key , so get your butt over there as soon as you can and get set up there´s not gonna be alot in it between TNZ and ORACLE , but your gonna need to win New Zealander´s are tired of 2nd Place and will not support an effort like this again , NO EXCUSE TO LOSE , well except for CAYARD he allway´s has an excuse , Cayard has never won the Cup and never will he just need´s money , Oracle is Quick and powerful and the have a very formadable team with alot of Americas cup experience don´t underestimate also the move to AMERICA it´s allway´s a shock to the team , best of luck to you all , 12


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