Olympic Talent Joins Artemis Racing

Posted on 27 February 2013 by Valencia Sailing

[Source: Artemis Racing] Artemis Racing announced today the addition of 2012 Olympic medalists Iain Jensen and Andrew Simpson as well as 2016 Olympic hopeful John Gimson. The newcomers will join the team’s decorated Olympians Percy, Lange, Outteridge, and Monk.

Jensen and Gimson will provide sailing and training support for the team including maintenance and logistics for the team’s AC45 and F18 fleet, while Simpson will provide weather and tactics support to the afterguard.

“The experience we have on the sailing team, balanced with the youth and enthusiasm John, Iain and Andrew bring to the team is a good mix for us,” said Sailing Team Director Iain Percy.

Iain Jensen, as crew for Nathan Outteridge, won the Gold Medal in the 49er class in last summer’s games in London. Iain is a 49er world champion in 2009 and 2011 and a 49er European champion in 2011. His accolades include winning “Sail for Gold” in ‘09, ‘10, and ’12.

John Gimson is campaigning to represent Great Britain in the Nacra 17 in the Rio 2016 Olympic games. He has received many podium finishes ranging from the TP52 and Extreme 40 class to the Star, Etchells and Melges 24s.

Andrew Simpson medaled in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics in the Star Class as crew for Artemis Racing Sailing Team Director Iain Percy winning a gold and silver medal. Simpson brings his experience from +39 Challenge and Team Origin America’s Cup teams to his role with Artemis Racing.

“As an America’s Cup team, we are investing in the team’s future with guys like Andrew, Iain, John and Nathan,” said Artemis Racing CEO Paul Cayard. “These young sailors bring talent and enthusiasm to our team. They are the future of the America’s Cup.”

Andrew Simpson joins Artemis Racing. San Francisco, 25 February 2013. Photo copyright Sander van der Borch / Artemis Racing

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  1. Adam 12 Says:

    and you my dear friend Cayard are not !

  2. Adam 12 Says:

    There gonna need more than olympic talent to get that thing going , they need super man it is just amazing that Artemes racing with 5 month´s to go have not been out of the water with the boat they really are not even a AC 72 , anyway feel sorry for the bLoke´s on the team but CAYARD deserve´s to get the credit for the failure of this Team , he know´s all better than everyone , good luck Cayard maybee you can get a job with the ballet in san fran , dance your way to the bank and your allamoney payment .

  3. Dalba Says:

    why do you get so personal about Cayard.
    Is it personal vendetta or what?
    For sure comments are always welcome if it is for the benefit of the cup, the competitors, the readers..

    In your case, I don’t,see the point.
    Bad mouthing anonymously Cayard, without facts, for the sake of it, in a terribly broken English? Come on, you can do better than this

  4. Adam 12 Says:

    Dalba , you have a good point , this goes back a long way , this AC dosen´t really have alot to do with sailing it´s about $ and cayard need´s money alot of it , when this cup is sailed it will be very personal and Artemes is not gonna be there as you know they are far behind , really what dose Cayard bring to this team ? have a nice weekend , 12


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