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Deliveries of Nacra 17 boats with carbon masts suspended due to poor quality

Posted on 29 December 2012 by Valencia Sailing

[Source: Nacra Sailing] Due to quality issues with the upper section of the carbon mast, decision has been taken to suspend delivery of the Nacra 17 with the carbon mast.

The Nacra 17 will be delivered with an alloy mast until further notice. This mast section is similar to that of the Nacra F16 and F18. All teams which have already taken delivery of the Nacra 17 will receive an alloy mast and fittings to retrofit their boat.

We expect that delivery of the carbon mast will resume as soon as we are 100% convinced about the solution. All alloy masts in the marketplace will be swapped back to carbon masts. Instructions will follow.

Above actions has been discussed and agreed with both ISAF and NACRA 17 class association

Merely half a year after becoming a new Olympic class, the Nacra 17 suffers from major quality issues


In the process of finding the limits sailing with the curved daggerboards equipped Nacra 17, various teams have been sailing in conditions above 25 knots of wind accompanied with big waves thus huge loads on the boat during sailing and capsizing.

Although expected and taken into account in the design and test phase we found that some teams discovered cracks in their mast above the hound below the top of the mast.

Nacra Sailing regrets these problems and is fully aware of this situation and is taking its full responsibility. We believe that any Nacra products should be strong enough, also in extreme rough conditions as we have proven in the last 35+years. We are working hard with our design and production teams to overcome these problems and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

If you have any questions:

You can contact your regular contact within the organisation of Nacra Sailing, your dealer, distributor or if direct purchased by MNA’s through We are more than happy to answer your questions but please bear with us as it can be busy as you can imagine.

3 Comments For This Post

  1. Erik Says:

    This is what happens when a new boat is rushed, should have not been in the running for the Olympics in the first place, only what 2 were built for the trails and still not on the water around the world, no world events, just a bunch of Euro trash “pro” sailors liked it and BOOM it’s an Olympic boat!!

  2. Mmmm Says:

    Nice and fast reaction from Nacra and pretty unexpected when you look at the way current Olympic classes manage their businesses. Hopefully new carbon mast will be better.

  3. cat fan Says:

    Interesting to hear from an expert if it’s a design fault, cheap and quick solutions in manufacturing or just poor management and profit margins that have lead to all this. Mast look like its way to soft to take the loads expected.
    Maybe it would have been better to go to a well known mast builder to minimize initial problems.
    Again all this is speculations so it would be interesting to hear from some cat experts and sailor who have been sailing the boats.
    ISAF have no choice but to agree and some MNAs seem to be sailing without problems!


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