Energy Team focusing on 35th America’s Cup

Posted on 14 December 2012 by Valencia Sailing

[Source: Energy Team] Energy Team has set itself a clear goal: the 35th America’s Cup. Loïck Peyron is now the helmsman for the Artemis AC72 for the 34th… which is a huge advantage in terms of his preparation. So, it will be Yann Guichard at the helm of the AC45 flying the colours of Corum for what lies ahead in the 2013 World Series, which will be taking place in Naples and then in the United States. Antoine Mermod, technical director of Energy Team tells us more:

“The whole of the 2013 season is already set to focus on the 35th America’s Cup,” Antoine Mermod began by telling us. Things have been moving quickly over the past few weeks. With Terry Hutchinson’s departure from the Artemis team, Loïck Peyron has officially become one of the two helmsmen on the AC72, the Swedish team’s big multihull. Loïck is no longer merely the speed coach, but the helmsman along with the young Australian, Nathan Outteridge. In other words, Loïck Peyron has a fifty-fifty chance of steering the Artemis AC72 in the America’s Cup races next summer in San Francisco.

Energy Team’s focus has now shifted to the 35th America’s Cup. Photo copyright Stephanie Billarant / Energy


“Loïck’s move to Artemis is, of course, excellent news for Energy Team,” declared Antoine Mermod. “After racing in the 33rd Cup with Alinghi, Loïck is acquiring a huge amount of experience in the 34th with Artemis. This is a major asset for ENERGY, which united around Bruno, has been focusing for several months on the 35th Cup.” At the same time, the crew of the Energy Team AC45 is continuing to work and build up its experience. Yann Guichard, who was already heavily involved earlier in the season, will be taking the helm of the French winged catamaran for what lies ahead in the AC World Series in Naples in April and then in the United States in May. “I’m pleased that Yann will be taking the helm” stated Loïck Peyron, “His huge skill at the helm and his ease on this type of boat means it is right for him to take the wheel for the rest of the season. This is exactly what we had planned.”

That is what it makes it so interesting for Energy Team to have two top class helmsmen. While one gains experience on the AC72, the other is able to continue to lead a high standard crew. Yann Guichard will be at the helm with the usual team around him: Christophe André (Bowman), Devan Le Bihan (foredeck) and the two Arnauds: Psarofaghis as wing trimmer and Jarlegan taking care of the headsails.


The crew will be back aboard the boat in San Francisco in February. “We have scheduled a training session lasting a fortnight,” explained Antoine Mermod. “To continue to progress, there’s no secret about what is required: you have to get out there sailing. We’ve been involved in this project now for two and a half years and more than ever, the goal is clear: victory in the 35th America’s Cup. We now have all it takes to be able to do just that.”

As for the Youth America’s Cup, Energy Team has decided to support the youngsters in the French Youth Team. They should be qualifying to compete next September in an event taking place between the Louis Vuitton and America’s Cup. Energy will be enabling this young team to train in February in San Francisco. One again here, the goal is clear: to build up a pool of young talent to form a top class group with the 35th America’s Cup in mind.

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  1. sailor Says:

    Hopefully 35th AC willbe on monohull!!!

  2. dalba Says:

    Sailor, I hope your “hope” will not materialize…

    Mono hulls are too boring, too slow, too heavy, too conventional, too “out of sight” to public…

    Remember the old format: too much wind = no race, too little wind = no race… the real issue was all about the referees: will he or will he not allow the race…
    waiting, for a “show” that eventually would take place 2 or 3 days later, out of sight, on boats that were “racing” at 4 or 5 knots… I must admit, I don’t miss them AT ALL !

    If you want sailing to raise world attention, there is nothing like high tech catamarans, like it or not, this is reality.
    (but hey, it’s a known fact that some enjoy snail’s competition, so maybe you do too?).

    Anyway, this debate will not take place, because Team US’s boat is so far ahead, technologically speaking, that our little kiwi friends will be miles behind. Just wait and see

  3. sailor Says:

    The modern monohull can sail at 5 knots to 35 knots so I don;t think is a issue.
    I remember final of 32nd Ac and it was way better then catamarans
    Americas Cup is not about speed its a game like playing chees on the water, cats are mostly boring
    for example start compare to monohull it’s a joke (boring)
    Anyway we will see next year

  4. Cristián A. Palau C. Says:

    To Dalba,
    You are missing one small detail: IF Emirates Team New Zealand gets to win the 34th America`s Cup 2013, and IF they decide to go back to monohulls, it is obvious that it would have to be a boat with ALL the latest technology (canting keel, bowsprit, rotating mast, etc.). Therefore, there`s no reason to fear that the 35th America`s Cup will be sail in slow and boring monohulls.

    In that sense, the Speed Dream project could be an excellent example of how a monohull can be fast and exciting yacht to race at the 35th AC.

    Best regards,
    Cristián Palau

  5. Adam Ostenfeld Says:

    Sailing is not only about speed ! and if it is for you well then you are not a real sailor !

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