Volvo Ocean Race game: Get your access to the closed beta test here

Posted on 30 May 2011 by Valencia Sailing

Do you want to be part of the world’s largest sailing community and test drive the 2011-12 Volvo Ocean Race game? offers this unique opportunity to the first 100 readers that will contact us. All you have to do is send us an email with your name at info [at] valenciasailing [dot] com and you will receive your unique access code to try the second closed beta version of the game.

Together with your key you will also receive the corresponding URL to redeem it, register and then play.

Act now because we only have 100 access codes that will be given on a first-come first-served basis.

After the successful conclusion of the first closed beta, the second test race will start on Wednesday June 1st, 2011 at 13:00 CET. All available functionality is of course free during this test race so be sure to use as many options as possible! The current look and feel of the game is purely functional and will be improved and extended during the next couple of months.

Don’t forget to send your feedback using the corresponding form on the website!!

Note: You name and email will, obviously, NOT be distributed, sold or given to ANY party, directly or indirectly related to They are solely for internal use, to keep track of the players and their corresponding access codes.

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  1. Jamie Says:

    Sounds great.. can you send me one!

  2. tom adams Says:

    send me a access code

  3. Marea Says:

    Yo tambien por favor!

  4. D4 Says:

    lemme in!

  5. mompy Says:

    access code please

  6. Robert Alexander Says:

    yes please

  7. an Says:

    I’m in… Let me in

  8. Leonardo Freitas Says:

    Hello… Send me one also! Thanks

  9. iortx Says:

    Yo tambien quiero el codigo por favor

  10. Pierre Ehrlich Says:

    I wish I could participate

  11. Petertag Says:

    Im in!! Plz send me code!

  12. pablo Says:

    quiero una clave please!!!!!!

  13. pablo Says:

    quiero una clave please

  14. michele Says:

    I want the mobile version!!!!!! Android and iOS please!

  15. Ulf Holmberg Says:

    Need a a Code please.

  16. Daniel B. Says:

    Hi… Send me a code too, please.

  17. Jorge Says:

    Me encantaria poder probarlo.. please let me try!!!

  18. adolfobrigido Says:

    Need a a Code please.Thanks

  19. Rafel Says:

    Espero recibir clave de acceso versión Beta del juego.

  20. Faustino Rodriguez Fernandez Says:

    Me gustaría participar. Enviarme un código, por favor. Muchas gracias faustino

  21. Rafel Says:

    Deseo participar en la regata y necesito hacer alguna práctica aunque sea en una versión limitada. Ruego me manden algún código. Gracias

  22. faustino Says:

    Les ruego me envien el CODIGO para poder registrarme. Gracias. Faustino

  23. Raul Says:

    quisiera un codigo, por favor para poder jugar.

  24. Giorgio Says:

    reedem code

  25. Notos Says:

    Code plize??

  26. viento Says:

    redeem code for volvoocean race please

  27. viento Says:

    redeem code for volvoocean race please

    no idea whats a redeem code

  28. Serpins Says:

    Can you send me a redeem code please?

  29. FRANCESCO Says:

    redeem code please

  30. Micke Says:

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  31. Oscar Says:

    Hey how do you get the pro sails when i only have $100? Will the redeem code get me this?
    Can i please have it thanks

  32. Foehr Says:

    redeem code please ;)

  33. xavier Says:

    Pls send a Redeem Code for beta version. Txs

  34. pol Says:

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  35. Leandro Severino Says:

    redeem code please!!! Me informe o codigo por favor..
    tks ! grato.

  36. maskali Says:

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  37. linda Says:

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  38. joel Says:

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  39. hackfid Says:

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  40. Pablo Says:

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  43. Wallin Says:

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  45. Ryan Says:

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  46. Aaron Says:

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  47. Sebastiaan Schaefers Says:

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  48. Javi Says:

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  62. Butti Says:

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