New monohull event to rival America’s Cup?

Posted on 18 January 2011 by Valencia Sailing

Update 5:30pm Valencia Time: I guess this doesn’t come as a surprise but the official reply from Team Origin and its principle, Sir Keith Mills, is “no comment”.

Update 4:45pm Valencia Time: The official reply from both Alinghi and Luna Rossa is “No comment”. We will update as soon as we have an official statement from any of the other teams mentioned in the story.

Rebellion in the America’s Cup, that’s how the Spanish newspaper El Mundo chose to call the reports that a group of “big magnates”, including Sir Keith Mills (TeamOrigin), Ernesto Bertarelli (Alinghi), Patrizio Bertelli (Luna Rossa) or Grant Dalton (Team New Zealand), are working towards the creation of an alternative to the America’s Cup.

According to the article that was published on Monday, a group of syndicates is seriously planning to launch in 2013 a new and ambitious competition, able to “throw a shadow” over the America’s Cup. The logic behind this planned event, according to the article, is that the current edition of the world’s oldest sports trophy is too radical, too expensive and without the consensus the American team had promised before becoming the Defender.

There are very few details given in the article about this project other than that races would be held in AC90′s, the yacht initially proposed by Alinghi for the 33rd America’s Cup, and that Rolf Vrolijk has recovered his drafts. In addition, Grant Simmer, former Alinghi member and now CEO of Team Origin, is working on the project as a link between the technical and sport area and the event promoters.

The project is still in its initial phase and in some kind of soul-searching. According to the article, the philosophy of the event hasn’t still been established. Given the fact there is no event in the sailing world that can match the tradition and notoriety of the America’s Cup, the event’s creators are assessing whether it would be commercially viable or funded by private capital from the owners. According to the article, various syndicates that took part in the 32nd America’s Cup have been approached in order to have a approximate idea on the number of teams that would race on the AC90′s in this future event.

We have contacted the teams mentioned in the article for comments on the story.

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  1. João Ferrer Says:

    It makes no sense to me. To create a “rebel” America’s Cup, these guys will spend more time and money than they would if they decided to race catamarans and they’ll end up with just one more yacht race, but with bigger boats. If they can repeat it for the next 160 years, then it will really shadow the AC.

  2. Norberto Marcher-Mühle Says:

    can it get more ridiculous than that?

    ernesto, you lost. get over it. period.

  3. WetHog Says:

    How would this rival the AC? AC34 will be contested in multihulls and the winner gets the America’s Cup. This rumored event will be contested in large monohulls and the winner gets…a swiss cow bell? Yeah if I was Uncle Larry and OR I would be scared shitless. lol

  4. WetHog Says:

    “According to the article, various syndicates that took part in the 32nd America’s Cup have been approached in order to have a approximate idea on the number of teams that would race on the AC90′s in this future event.”

    Adding Shosholoza, +39, UITG, China Team, and Desafio to Team Orafice, Alinghi, and Luna Rossa will be the key to success for this event. Mark my words!

    In all seriousness though, the only established sailing event this will affect will be the Med Cup. The poor guys. First the Med Cup loses the AC feeder system, and now Med Cup failure Team Orafice is gonna exact its revenge on the Med Cup by starting a rival mono series. I guess Team Orafices piss poor Med Cup showing goes beyond blaming their boat. ;)

  5. pablo Says:

    go ahead guys!!! result of the 34th AC we already know!!!!!

  6. cupaddict Says:

    I think people are looking at this incorrectly. When they say ‘to rival the America’s Cup’ they mean in terms of having a global event for those who choose not to participate in the Cup in catamarans, pulling the resources those teams have to create a big event. They are not saying it will cast a giant shadow over the Cup, taking its lustre, that cannot be done. This is simply another big event on the sailing calendar, and the media have beaten it up to more than it is. And event like this could work, there are sailors, resources and sponsors out there who are ready to tip their toe back into sailing, but have no desire to play with the AC45 or 72. Each to their own as they say. Its fairly obvious a final would come down to Alinghi vs. Luna Rossa, but then we already know the outcome of the 34th AC, at least this could provide some actual racing.

  7. Davide Says:

    instead of creating a new event they should try to power up (mediatically speacking) the tp52 class… This class has great potential ad would cost much less then creating a new 90ft class… Match racing could be quite spectacular… (much more than with cats)


  8. H Lane Says:

    Hey, I know what you can call this series….The World Sailing League

  9. Yovchev Says:

    There are no 15 minutes peace anymore.
    There is ‘new design’ every 15 minutes – any size and all are ‘all carbon + no compromise’
    There are new concepts of format, size and annual regattas .. every 15 days.

    Sorry mates , the cup is just one single unit

    Win the right to possess same(!) and then write the rules about the future of 100 + years history.

    p.s. i vote by 2 hands for ‘AC’ decided on the water by monohull battle match race style, but who i’m to count… while i did not win the cup :)

  10. JakeD Says:

  11. mot namhe Says:

    I think that if those guys go ahead they do not pretend to shadow the AC. The spanish journalist in El Mundo is the one who used those words.
    (And we know that journalists don’t care if what they write is correct. They only care if what they write will sell newspapers.)

    I think that those guys vision is to create a series where any competitor can win. And I believe that 1000 jobless yachties will wellcome those series.

  12. dry pig Says:

    Looking at the photos of the new AC45 confirm my thoughts about Multi Hulls. Without reference it is impossible to tell if they are sailing at 10 or 30 knots. I think the media and supporters are gonna miss the amazing team work required for a kite hoist and drop. If teams like alinghi and luna rosa can get this working with the AC90 i think there will be huge interest. It will be spectacular to watch those huge fast mono hulls mixing it up. Bring it on I say. Why not run it in paralell to the TPs.. work together on sponsorship for example.

  13. J M DOMINGUEZ Says:

    Esto huele bien, la Louis Vuiton series olía bien pero se acabó. Estrategas, navegantes, esforzadas tripulaciones, eso nos gusta. Tenemos oído que la 35 AC será en el espacio con veleros solares, esos que utilizan el impulso de los fotones del sol. Salud chicos.

  14. Javier Garces Says:

    Excellent news !!! Great to see some good Mono Hull Match Racing
    not the stupid Cats that are not good for a duel

    Thanks Ernesto

  15. Alquiler velero Says:

    alingi beguns with that expensive run, so maybe they are the worst to say something in that .

  16. Derf Says:

    This is the best news I’ve heard, the Americas Cup should be sailed in mon-hulls, the cats were for the little americas cup race, they have ruined the americas cup for me. I don;t want to see multi-hulled craft in the americas cup. If some one starts a mon-hull national race, I think it would be great for sailing. NO MORE CATS !

  17. lachy Says:

    very late comment I know, how about using the Loius Vuitton cup for this proposed event. Use say the oldest loius Vuitton trophy around(remember new one for each loius Vuitton series historically )maybe get TNZ to put up the 1995 l.v cup from black magic era. Loius Vuitton becomes monohull match race trophy and Americas cup will morph into multihull.Remember there is history now behind theL.V cup since 1983 I know it is not 1851 but 30 years does have some significance surely


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