More litigation from the challenger ahead of the 33rd America’s Cup

Posted on 30 January 2010 by Valencia Sailing

[Source: Alinghi] BMW Oracle registers another request for redress with the International AC Jury just hours after Justice Kornreich directed them to race for the America’s Cup.

Just hours after BMW Oracle failed to disqualify Alinghi in New York before the America’s Cup Match race, Russell Coutts and his BMW Oracle team attacked the Defender on another front lodging a request for redress with the International America’s Cup Jury.

This brings their total Jury applications to seven one week prior to the Match beginning. “Having failed to disqualify us in New York before the Match date, BMW Oracle are now not happy with the decisions of the New York courts and expert panel opinions. The Jury will deal with these applications along with others in due course and we are looking forward to starting the race for the America’s Cup on the 8 February,” said Grant Simmer, Alinghi design team coordinator.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Crazy guys. Are they afraid of watter? They want the Cup at any cost in NY, but they are afraid of challenge it on propper place, SEA.

  2. sailboatracer Says:

    The most recent statements from the NY courts were made during a recent conference call to representatives of GYC and SNG. Justice Kornreich explained that the case brought by GYC against SNG would not be heard before 8 Feb. There is NO obligation on Alinghi OR BOR to start on 8 Feb but if either team or both teams do race then they must race in deed compliant boats.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    What BS from SNG as since when is a call for redress or a protest in sailing litigation. Misinformation like this latest release is bad for the sport as it's outright lying.

  4. Ross Says:

    Does anyone know what this Redress is for? The sails/CIC?

  5. Says:

    What is the reason for the last request for redress?

  6. Mike Says:

    I could not believe it, but BOR is apptly not ready for the match, there is no other explanation for their moves. I guess they fear structural damages on their trimaran…

  7. Anonymous Says:

    "Having failed to disqualify"… Grant, stay above that fray! Did you really use the party line?

  8. Mark Says:

    The deed of gift is very clear.

    ….shall always be entitled to the right of sailing a match
    of this Cup, with a yacht or vessel propelled by sails only and constructed in the
    country to which the Challenging Club belongs, against any one yacht or vessel
    constructed in the country of the Club holding the Cup.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    The best team to never race

  10. Anonymous Says:

    BOR nas to object to several "rules" imposed by SNG: windspeed limits, prohibition to use lasers. etc. The Deed says that the match shall be raced under the defender rules. Does SNG impose a wind limit on their annual regatta? Does it ban lasers? I'm sure they don't. BOR has to go to the IJ and seek redress.
    BOR is going to fly over A5 and hopefully end this nightmare.
    Sorry Valencia. It's not your fault.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    how did you boys go docking the dog yesterday? Good call in Valencia eh.

  12. Jacopo Says:

    Hi Guys,
    Just been on saturday afternoon in Valencia (I live in Castellón) to see the Boats. Alinghi is really huge. USA (i saw only from really far away) was netherless inclerible, it got aut arount 17.00 hours and with 5 or 6 knots was flying on one hull. The Question is: All papers of the several court judgements are public (or presented by the teams in their web). Why the question raised by BMW – USA are not known ? I think it is important to know them.
    Have good wind and that the one that commit himself to host the 34th America's Cup in Valencia will win !!!

  13. BB Says:

    So pleased I am not involved in this bullshit. I feel for all my friends caught up in this.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    The BOR team switched to delay tactics in court, this is now so obvious! Guess they are not ready and/or scared of Alinghi.


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