First day of Alinghi’s “UBS Dubai Defender Trials”: Holmberg beats Baird 2-0

Posted on 31 January 2007 by Valencia Sailing

[Source: Alinghi] Round 1 of the “UBS Dubai Defender Trials” begins: Holmberg (SUI-91) 2 – Baird (SUI-64) 0

Ernesto Bertarelli, Alinghi syndicate head, and Brad Butterworth, team skipper, kicked off Round 1 of the UBS Dubai Defender Trials this morning at a press conference in Dubai. Both helmsmen, Ed Baird and Peter Holmberg, attended the event.

Race results:

* Race 1, with just one windward-leeward, got away with a slight delay in 9knots, Holmberg, helming SUI91, won the first start against Baird on SUI-64, held the lead to the first mark and extended downwind to finish four boat lengths ahead. It was a light air race and the boat coming in from the right had an advantage that they kept.

* Race 2, started in 10-12 knots with the boats starting together on starboard tack. SUI64 had to tack away as the wind split between the two boats, lifted them both and took them to opposite sides of the course. SUI-91 came out ahead and finished 1 minute ahead of SUI-64.

Peter Holmberg, SUI-91, comments on the first day: “With very little practice I think both crews did a great job today. We had some intensive racing and both teams sailed pretty smart and clean and well so it was good quality racing.”

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Alinghi’s SUI-64 and SUI-91 at the start line of the first race of the “UBS Dubai Defender Trails”. Dubai, 31 January 2007. Photo copyright Ivo Rovira / Alinghi

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    No contest to be honest. 91 is that much faster that they looked to be going a slower on purpose so it didn;t look so embarrasing.

    My guess is that it is just what they promised UBS so that is why they are continuing with this silliness.


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